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Scared~* - May 9

Has anyone heard that smoking cigarettes causes mental retardation in babies? I read in a health book...that even 5 cigs a weeks can cause mental retardation. Isn't that a little drastic??? I have definately smoked more than 5 a week, although I have cut down a lot. I am 34 weeks, and kinda worried. Has anyone had a child who was mentally retarded, and who smoked while pregnant?


Erica - May 10

Back in my military days I had a friend who was pregnant and smoked like a chimney. Her child came out okay for the most part, with the exception that he displayed some extreme hyperactivity, particularly in his toddler years (and definitely moreso than the average active toddler!) almost to the point of bordering on an "ADD" type affliction. I commend you on cutting back your smoking habits, but I also encourage you to challenge yourself harder in this endeavor, as the lungs are the last organs to fully develop in a newborn. You CAN do this; you have control over what you put into your body...your child does not. Best of luck to you!!!! :)


concern - May 10

There are a lot of things that can happen because of smoking during your pregnancy. A friend of mines daugther had a cleft palate, under-developed lungs, problems with her tonsils, asthma, a low birth weight, and cried a lot as a newborn. She had a total of 3 surgeries by the age of 3 years old to fix the deformaties that the doctor said was caused by smoking. I know that this does not happen to every baby because she did the same with her first and she was fine, but the second one was not as strong i guess. I just wouldn't want to take the chance. I smoked before i got pregnant but when i found out i was i quit and i am 32 weeks and haven't had a cigarette since i found out.


Scared* - May 10

They didn't find the cleft palate in the ultrasound? I went for my 20 wk. ultrasound, and specifically asked the doctor if it looked like the baby had a cleft palate, she said no. I'm just curious...I know that it is not good. I'm just gonna make myself stop.


To Concern - May 10

I did the same thing as you. I smoked before I found out I was pregnant, and for maybe a day or so after, I suppose because of nerves, and I quit after that and never smoked again while I was pregnant or breasfeeding. Good for you!!


To scared - May 10

I smoked during my first pregnancy, the whole 9 months. Shes 7 now and is top in her cla__s. No birth defects at all. Your 34 weeks, your baby is already fully developed and only has fat to gain now. It is not recommended by doctors to quit cold turkey(ask, they will tell you that.)But cutting down is a good thing. Mothers who smoke will have a low birth weight baby. My daughter was 6'9, which is healthy. I wouldnt worry so much.


Jill - May 11

I just had my baby finally may 3rd he was 8 13 huge! I smoked about a pack every five days baby seems ok so far


Scared~* - May 11

Thank you Jill for your honesty. I have to know...did you also have any alcohol during or before you knew you were pregnant? I so want to hear a success story of someone who had a healthy baby after a couple of mistakes of drinking alcohol. Thanks sweety. Congrats on your baby!


danielle - May 16

I smoked alot with my first child and she came out just fine smart as a whip my mother was a smoker with me and I came out fine but I guess it just depends on the person Im not sure some people smoke and there babies have problems some dont some women do everything right and there babies have problems some dont


sara - May 16

scared, you asked if anyone about drinking alcohol and cigs., I smoked until I was around 18wks, that is when I first felt the baby kick, then I quite and before I quite, he was just below the 50th% line on growth rate, now at 39wks, he's well above the 50th% line. On alcohol, I did have about 4 gla__ses of wine (not in one setting) during pregnancy, which is suppose to be ok. From sonograms and visits, he seems to be doing very well. Good luck!.


Jill - May 19

I drank tequila before I knew I was pregnant I was about 17 weeks when I found out Which is like 5 months I only drank a couple times when I asked my dr about it he said he wasn't really worried about it if I was you I wouldn't worry either ask your dr he will probably tell you the same thing. There is a lot of women out there who do a lot worse before they knew they were pregnant and 50 years ago they did it the who;e time they were pregnant. My new baby 3 weeks now is still a very good little boy I thought he would be more cranky because I smoked but I got lucky he never cries! My daughter who is three now was a cranky baby I never smoked with her I wouldn't even drink a soda! so every baby is different ya know


*** - May 20

My SIL smoked through her whole pregnancy & her baby was born with RSV disease & was in the hospital for a long time. They told her it was from her smoking during her pregnancy.


? - May 21

How much/often did your SIL smoke?


*** - May 21

She smoked about a pack a day. She kept saying like most women that smoke say "aw it's not enough to hurt the baby" IT WAS! If you smoke you should at least stop until after you have the baby. It is not worth it. Also do not ever smoke around your baby when he/she is born. 2nd hand smoke can cause problems for your baby too.


Melanie - May 21

I smoked 10cigarettes a day with my son, he is now 5. He gets sick a lot more than other kids and I blame myself. He is also very Hyper.


Maddie - May 21

I DID hear that second hand smoke can be a huge factor in causing SIDS! Please don't smoke in the house when the baby is born!



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