Smoking During The Last Couple Weeks

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alyssa - May 21

i only have a couple more weeks to go and am dying beyone belief for a ciggarette, does anyone think that this will harm my baby? i only want 2 at most and then ill be done with it, so with only a couple weeks left does anyone think this will harm the baby in any way??


D - May 22

If you have 2 you will probably want more.If your not smoking more than 10 cigs a day I dont think it will harm your baby.


sol - May 22

yes it will harm your baby


muneca - May 23

i had a home girl who smoked a ciggarette (it was a djarum) in her fourth month and like a month later she miscarryed..the baby was stillborn.i dont know if smoking had anything to do with it but if i were you(and i am like you in a way...i was chain smoker for a year almost until i became pregnant) i would wait a couple weeks just in case and after you have the baby go out to patio of the hospital and light yourself a black and mild and consider it an congratulations for holding out for nine months...smoking raises the chances of a child dieing before 6 months from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) so if you do begin to smoke after the birth of the baby make sure it is well out of their way..(they shouldnt be close enough to even smell the smoke) or have your man or friends keep an eye on him or her while you smoke.wash you hands and if possible change your shirt after smoking before handling the baby. After you see his or her sweet little face breathing well and smiling at you will know waiting to smoke until after is well worth it.


tina - May 24

if you have gone this long without you can hold out for two more weeks. i smoked 15 years and quit when i found out i was pregnant and in the last couple of weeks i have been dreaming about smoking and craving so bad. the baby's lungs stop working for two seconds every time you take a drag.


:) - May 24

please do not ,,, for the baby i am sure you can do it courage


muneca - May 25

you are so right!!tell you mil that if she want to be around your child at all she has to follow guidelines to prevent sids..Go to wic (women infants and children) program(your doc can tell you where the nearest one is.take you mil to wic and they have free cla__ses on helping parent quit smoking and they also cover the consiquences of smoking around a young baby.if she cant understand then you will have to do what is right for your family.dont let an old spoiled women ruined the first precious weeks of your babys life.put your foot down!your his mom -you call the shots!Good luck!and congrats!



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