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Sierra - February 23

Weird question... but I've never snored before and now I catch myself snoring in the middle of the night. Also, my husband says that I started to snore. I'm 34 weeks preggo... anyone else experience this? What could be causing it all of a sudden?


To Sierra - February 23

Yes!! Me too!! I did this with my first pregnancy and now with my second!! I believe it is due to the lack of space you have now for regular breathing- things get pushed around and things that aren't used to getting squished are squished!! Mine went away after the baby was born.....good luck!!


Carrie - March 22

This just happened to me starting yesterday! My husband says it is so loud it wakes him up and I have never snored before. Glad to hear I am not the only one!


Brenna - March 29

I am 32 wks and my husband calls me Bart the Bear every morning because I keep him up w/ my snoring. I have NEVER snored before. My nose has been stuffy almost my entire pregnancy, which probably doesn't help the snoring @ all.


Jane - June 7

I started snoring from 31 weeks. I am so glad I am not the only one. My husband is having to sleep separately just to get a proper night's sleep!


nelly - June 7

OMG!!!!!!!!! i thought it was just me i hear myself doing it all the time. i was just thinking that this morning i heard myself doing it. i have also had a really congested nose with this pregnancy and nose bleeds.


anne - June 8

lol, me too. i sound like a freaking saw. my husband wears earplugs!!!!!! i wake myself up with loud snorts a few times a night. i thought i was the only one lol!!!


SARAH - June 12

I starting snoring around 30 weeks. I just hope it goes away after the baby comes!


Melissa - June 13

Good to know I'm not the only one! At first I thought it was something more serious. In the meantime it's just payback for my husband. I wake him up all the time!


Louise - June 16

most pregnant women snore even if they never have before in there life.


Lissa - June 16

I'm guilty of snoring too!! I just started in my 30th week.



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