Snow Ball Accident Please Help

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elizabeth - December 10

My boyfriends friend came over and we have like 5-6 inches of snow on the ground, well he threw a snowball at my boyfriend and when he wasnt thinkin he threw one at me and hit me right in the middle of the stomach. I had a big red round spot, and it did hurt, i started cryin because i thought that could hurt my baby, my baby still moves, but do you think that could of hurt my baby? cause i am still very worried. im 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant.


Jane - December 11

Don't worry!! Your body is built to protect the baby from a lot worse than that! The Uterus is extremely tough, and the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. I know it is easy to worry about that kind of stuff (I do, too), but you really shouldn't worry :)


jessielouwho - December 11

Yup, I agree w/ Jane. I think the baby is safe. You can ask your doctor for more a__surance but I don't think you have anything to worry about.


B - December 11

I agree w/ everyone else. And as long as you feel your baby moving around you should be fine!


elizabeth - December 11

thank you, makes me feel so much better. My baby still moves around alot so that makes me feel alot better.


Amber - December 12

I am sure you are ok. I keep crashing into things, tables, chairs, grocery counters, you name it! Damn big belly! At least you were just an innocent by stander and dont have to take the blame for your own clumsy self! Now, go outside today and make yourself a few snowb___s, then invite him over for hot chocolate. Get about 3 or 4 kids on the street and tell them what he looks like, they will take care of the rest!


elizabeth - December 12

I have my share of accidents, so many of them. When i go to work, i do a cash register and everytime that thing pops open there it goes on my stomach, and when i try to shut the fridge door, my stomach gets in the way...stupid things i do, thats why i am scared for most of this pregnancy, scared of me hurting the baby and being my fault, which i think thats every mother or mother-to-be


B - December 13

Elizabeth you are so right. I think we become worry warts from the day we get preggo for the rest of our lives! Try not to worry to much your bebe is well protected in there! I always close doors, fridge and otherwise, on my belly! Its hard to get used too! I am glad you feel better. I am a nervous wreck until I can hear the heartbeat at my drs appt! LOL


Natalie - December 13

i relate! im 29 weeks along, and i fall over, walk into things, trip on things catch myself on everything! d__n clumsiness! your baby is well protected so dont worry too much, however, a listen to the heartbeat is always rea__suring!


J - December 13

This might make you feel better. Take out any dashes.



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