So Depressed

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Anathi - October 23

I'm dying of depression, I just cant speak any more especially this week end I just lost all of my energy and just fall so so down. Is this normall in pregnancy or has anyof you ladies felt this sad feeing I have since Friday last week. The baby is fine and avtive the only problem is me I just feel all so sad and energyless ?


Pearl - October 23

Maybe you should talk to your doctor. I have definitely had my mood swings, but nothing that brought me that far down. How far along are you? Maybe you need to get out and run around a little? Go shopping? Hang out with friends and family? I don't know honey...that sucks! Good Luck! Have you talked to your doctor?


AntsWife - October 23

Anathi- I went through the exact same thing. It wasn't anything specific, just everything. I thought I would never come out of it no matter how hard I tried. I spent days where I would just cry and I really couldn't figure out why. As it turns out, it was just hormones. I'm 34w3d now and I feel like myself again. Now when I think about it, I still can't believe the difference. With me it was the way my body was adjusting to the hormones. You might want to talk to your doctor anyway though. Hang in there- it sux, but it gets better!


Anathi - October 23

I haven't spoken to my Dr but my SIL told me it could be the sunny weather and low iron plus I was placed back on iron tablets again on my last Dr visit maybe I should really speak to him thanks Maybe I get lonely coz on my oofice almost the whole day and am scared of sunny weathers I really dont know thanks once again oops almost 4got will be 27on the 27th


redmondsky - October 23

Hi Anathi - if you are well and have the go ahead from your doctor some light walking/eliptical trainer might do the trick. I find the endorphins and serotonine released during exercise really helps me to stay sane. Just keep your heart rate low (below 140) I am only working out now - 20 minutes - 4 tiimes a week but it sure helps me feel good. I am now 33 weeks along!



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