So Frustrated Over Hubby And His Job

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Cassie06 - June 23

MY dh works for a paving company and most of their jobs are about an hour and a half away from here. I have been trying his cell phone all day and he either has it turned off or has no service because I still havent been able to get ahold of him. He also works strange hours, he could get home any time between 5 or 9, who knows?? I am 34 weeks pregnant and am starting to get very anxious about not being able to reach him and having to take myself to the hospital and have the baby by myself! My parents live about an hour away, so they wouldnt be able to get here in time. His family lives about 20 minutes away, but his dad is a truck driver and only home on the weekends, and they only have 1 vehicle and his brother has it most of the time and doesnt have a cell phone, so if he was out his mom wouldnt be able to get here either. I just dont know what I would do if I went in to labor in the middle of the day! grrr!! I just needed to vent about this. I just dont know what to do!!


Mellissa - June 23

ca__sie... i know just how you feel. my husband is in iraq and i can't call him when i need to talk and i get so frustrated sometimes. he won't be here for the birth, and his family lives in another state. i have my mom and sister here with me, but neither of them drive.. so i'm going to end up taking a taxi to the hospital when i go into labor!!! it's sooooo frustrating. sometimes i just want to throw something. lol. if i were you i would just have a back up plan, just in case you can't get through to him. is there a number at his company's main office that you might be able to call when you go into labor and they can send someone out to the site to get him? i have to send a message through the red cross to my husband and hope it gets to him before his son is born. not that he'll get to be here, but i'm hoping he'll at least get to call in the process and give me some strength! i hope you can work something out and believe me, you are not alone!!! :)


Ca__sie06 - June 23

Wow! I feel bad for whining now!! Thank your husband for the great thing he is doing! I hope he gets to call while you are in labor so you can at least talk to him some!


Mellissa - June 23

hey don't feel bad!!! and you weren't whining!!! it's so understandable that you're frustrated!! we knew there was a chance he was going to get sent back to iraq and we decided to get pregnant anyway, so this was a chance we were willing to take. it sucks, but it comes along with the job.


Twinkie - June 23

Ca__sie, Maybe you could buy one of those cheap pay-as-you-go cell phones like a tracfone or virgin, and just get a month card (about $8) for your brother-in-law, just so you could reach someone if needed? I don't know if that helps any, that is a tough situation! That way you won't be obligated for any cell bills after baby is born, either.


Erynn21 - June 23

I think that if he works for a paving company they should be able to reach him through radio dispatch from the main office, you should be able to call there if he's unavailable through his cell phone. Where I live much of the time my hubby is out of service, but he works as an electirician on new construction and they almost always have a phone @ the job. I hope this helps you.


falafal0 - June 25

What about a couple of friends wh will always have their mobile turned on? Have a few peoples numbers down so you have a wide choice, just in case. I'm 32 weeks, planning to give birth at home thi time, and I must say, I too a feeling rather nervos as the weeks go by. My DH works just over an hour away, but he has a phone on him at all times, it's just getting here (last labour was 45 min). So I have enlisted my MIL, SIL and her teenage daughter at the high school across the road - very handy - and also two midwives. Also two friends numbers in case other people simply can't be reached (MIL and SI notorious or that). Hve a few back up plans in case s you won't worry so much.Also if ou have ambulance cover, it might be better than a taxi - extra safe and you don't want to give birth in the back of the taxi! Hey, it happens! (though I gave birth in my MIL's car...)



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