So Here S My Loooong Birth Story

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Mrs.Steve - October 31

Whew, sorry it's so late. It's hectic around my house. Anyway, I went last Thursday to my NST at 9:30am. I had the whole day planned. Go to NST, go grab some lunch, get a pedicure, pick up dd from school, and do more baby stuff at home. So I go to the appt and get hooked up to the machine. My lo was responsive, but the nurse said that she was barely meeting criteria. She told me that in her opinion, she thought the baby was ready to be born. But they still wanted me to go downstairs to ultrasound. I go down to the ultrasound waiting room and sit for 45 minutes waiting to be called in. They did the ultrasound, and though lo was a little sluggish, she got a perfect score. I took the results back up to the nurse, who told my doctor, and they both agreed that with only 3 days from the induction, that they should just keep me and begin inducing. I was so nervous, I started crying. They got me set up in bed, and I was scared because I knew they were going to give me Cytotec. My doctor had already assured me that it was fine, but with all the stuff I'd read, I was freaked out. I was starving, and though I was only supposed to have clear liquids, the nurse let my husband bring me McDonalds. I ate before they hooked me up to the IV and everything else. Anyway, at 2pm they inserted the Cytotec, hooked me up to an IV and also antibiotics. 30 minutes later, I threw up all of my was really really gross, LOL. It was a long, uneventful night, with the exception of about 10-15 trips to the bathroom. Though it was only steps from my bed, it was a real pain to unhook from the monitor and haul the iv machine with me, LOL. I was at 1cm until 5am. I started having stronger contractions, but not really super painful. I had my 3rd dose of Cytotec at 3am, and by 6am, I was at 2cm. They then gave me pitocin, and then I got my epidural. I screamed and cried when they gave it to me, as I felt more than just pressure. But after that....I felt NO PAIN, LOL. It was beautiful. My family came and we all hung out in my room. We joked around alot, and I had everyone laughing because I was doing my famous impression of my MIL who lives in So. Cal, is from Missouri, but speaks with a thick Fargo accent, LOL. We were all laughing so hard that the nurse came in because on the internal monitor, it appeared that I was throwing up. So she asked me to curb the laughing. At noon, I was at 10cm. Didn't feel a thing. The doc didn't arrive till 1:30. I began to feel like I had to take a giant poop that was coming whether I pushed or not. The ob came, and after about 6 or 7 pushes, Alyssa Cheyenne was born at 1:53pm. As afraid as I was of the cord being around her neck, it was actually around her foot, LOL. Her apgar was 8 and then at 9 10 minutes later. All in all, I could not have asked for an easier birth. It was actually fun. So for anyone who's fearing labor still, just know that it isn't always as hard as people say. Of course my epidural made all the difference in the world. I'm sooooo glad I got it. And I'm glad that I can share such an awesome birth story.


emfine99 - October 31

Well... that makes me a little less scared! :-) I'm still a little worried about the epidural.... But I decided, pain or no pain.. I need it! It will help in the long run!!! Do you have any pics of Alyssa uploaded yet? I bet she's a doll! :-)


Mrs.Steve - October 31

The only picture so far is the one on the hospital web nursery. Torrancememorial dot org. Look under baby arrivals. She was born Oct 26 to Erica and Steven.


sahmof3 - October 31

Aww.. congrats! I can honestly say that yours is the first birth story that ever made me LOL haha! Laughing so hard it registered as puking... Oh man... I'm gonna pee myself :-D


HeavenisMine - October 31

That laughter part had me smiling. It is so great to hear you got through it alright even on the cytotec and pitocen. I so hope I have a natural labor, I am a baby :) Congrats on your little girl and her good apgars!



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