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tritty - January 18

sometimes doctors can cause more harm than good, andlast night i had one of those experiences. i saw a different doctor than i normally do and my blood pressure was a little high so she starts going about business and then starts telling me that my baby is huge (like 10 lbs) and is "closer to New York than coming out my va___a" (LOL, sorry if that's too much info). anyhow, she said the baby is high and that my cervix is closed, thick and even if she induced me it would fail and i'd need a c-section. (eventhough my midwive told me that i'm 1cm dilated and starting to efface) pretty much she told me the only way i was getting this child out was by a section. so i was a bit upset because that's not what i wanted and she said, "i'm sending you to labor and delivery to be monitored." oh joy. so i go over there for about 3 hours. have an ultrasound and monitor the baby only to find that she's perfectly healthy, measuring right on time, and as of right now is only 6lbs 12oz. HELLO! WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE THINKING?!? she scared the c__p out of me for absolutely nothing. anyhow, i just needed to vent and i'm happy to say the baby is doing well (and so am i) and they re-checked my blood pressure at the hospital and it was like 120/77 which is awesome. i have no idea what all that was about but i'm glad everything is ok.


cindernar - January 18

Those doctors just have the best timing. A "closer to xyz than coming out of your v____a" joke is just what a 9-months-pregnant woman wants to hear. Thanks, doc! I'm glad everything is OK as well.


goosifer101 - January 18

What made her originally think the baby was 10 lbs to begin with?


tritty - January 18

goosifer- the whole pregnancy i've been measuring big (with the measuring tape) but they said from the beginning that some people just carry big and if it's consistent then it's probably nothing to worry about. well, she was obviously worried AND i've gained quite a bit of weight so i guess she was just a__suming the baby was huge. who knows, but either way she should have kept her mouth shut until she had more info!


goosifer101 - January 18

Yeah, really. Why would she say something like that without any info to back it up. In my drs. office, its the nurses who are always freakin me out. But then my Dr. explains things better and makes me calmer. I guess you can't win wherever you go!


disneymommy79 - January 18

Tritty , I just wanted to tell you that My doctor told me last week at 37 weeks that my son was 8 lbs and wasn't willing to think about inducing till after my due date. Then I went in on Monday for my ultrasound and baby was only measuring 6.11 so they could be wrong. And with my First dd she they induced me because it was showing she was 10lbs by the belly measurements. They were wrong she was only 8 and that was a week after my due date. Don't be to stressed out . I'm finding more and more that doctors don't know much. I see a total of 4 people of and on and everyone of them measures different and every time they check to see if i have dilated anymore they all have different takes on it. GrrR So I wouldn't worry to much.


zay28 - January 18

tritty, I think it was a good thing that she send you to labor and delivery to be monitored. I know you got scared but sometimes i preffer a doctor like that instead the ones that ignores your comments and your concerns. AT the end you got a ultrasound, and i know so many of us get one. You confirm at this stage that your baby is fine and doing well. Remeber look always the positive side of a situation. I am really glad your baby is fine. SOmetiems insurance don't pay for a sonogram if there is not a jsutification. Don't blame only on doctors but in the insurance system..,


KMo311 - January 18

I know exactly how you feel. I went to the doctor last week and i was 2 cm dilated and 60%effaced then i saw a different doctor this week and she said was "long, closed and high" then left the room. i could have cried at how she made me feel. now i have to wait til next week and hope for the best.


tritty - January 18

i'm glad i'm not the only one with a stupid doctor in the practice! Zay, i get your point about playing it safe but she didn't have anything to play safe. she pretty much made up this big scenario that was nothing like my real situation and made me worry about something that was nothing. to me, that's uncalled for! KMo- i posted on your thread and i am glad i'm not alone. hopefully you'll hear that you're still 2cm and 60% at your next appt. i don't think it's really possible to go backwards....... doctors.... don't get me wrong. i appreciate them. it's just when one has a bad day they make sure that you have a bad day too!


MAT - January 23

dialation is a tricky thing...When my brother was born, my mother's ob refused to come to the hospital because he thought she was in false labor. He was sure she couldn't have dialated much since her last appointment. Well, my mother was in labor and did indeed give birth that night. Remember - they are guessing, but our bodies don't always follow the doctors schedules. Don't stress too much when they say you are still closed - there is no way of knowing when or how quickly you will dialate.


Jadejewels - January 23

sorry to hear you had one of those!! Had one with second pregnancy. told me my daughter was extremely small and I wolud be lucky if she was even born five pounds full term...SHe was 3 weeks early and 6lbs 10oz. goes to show doctors don't always know everything ;)



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