So No One Wants To Talk About Hemmeroids

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pain in the arse - September 2

Ok, i'm a little embarrassed, but i've started getting hemmeroids (am i spelling that right?). I didn't get them with my previous pregnancies, so i'm a little worried, and i have no idea what to do. I don't think they are too bad, they're not inflamed all the time, and when they are, i can push them inside and they go away for a while (sorry if that's TMI). I haven't really mentioned it to my doctor, but is there anything he can really do? I can tell they are getting worse as i get furthur along (about 7 and a half months right now), is there anything i can do to stop them from getting worse? Will they go away after the baby is born? I have heard of people having them surgically removed, how bad do they have to be for that? Any advice or imput of any kind would be greatly appretiated.. i know this is a personal and pretty embarrassing subject, so thank you to anyone who responds.


Melissa - September 2

I do not have them, but I have done plenty of reading on ways to prevent/reduce them. Eat lots of fibre and fruits to keep regular. Do not strain when having a bowel movement. DO not sit for long periods of time. Do not lay or sleep on your back. Do your kegals to increase blood flow to the area. Also, I heard the best thing for relieving symptoms is a sitz bath ( not sure what that is though) and preparation H and witch hazel pads. Hope that helps a bit! I would definatley mention it to your doctor, after all, he will know for sure what will help you. Maybe he can even help you get rid of them altogether.


B - September 3

Yes it's an embara__sing topic, but a fact of life for most of us. I've had them for several years,even before my first child which was 13 years ago. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome so I've struggled in the john for as long as I can remember-hence the hemmeroids. When I had my first baby they got really bad...the nurse thought I should get them removed, but I tell you what...NO WAY! I wouldn't put myself through that pain in my b___t unless I apsolutely had to. For the most part they don't bother me,and when they do flare up,a little prep.-H helps.A sitz bath is when you sit in a little basin of warm water (or you could take a warm bath) both helping to relieve pain. I wouldn't worry too much about them unless you're in a ton of pain. DO tell your doctor and DO eat lots of fruit and fiber to keep regular :) Most women who get hemmoroids during pregnancy will find them to go away after birth...but they may not. Good luck to you!!


to pain - September 3

There is never anything too embarra__sing when talking about your health. Not only do I recommend you tell your doctor, but tell your significant other too. It's not only a women's problem. The name of the game is prevention. They're like a___l varicose veins, the only way to keep them from getting worse is to not put stress on them. That means fiber, water, and not sitting down and forcing anything till it's ready to come out. Overall think of what you would advise someone else to do? If you had a girlfriend/sister who was complaining of the same things, would you advise her to contiue to deal or get them removed?



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