SO Scared

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kf - October 5

I'm 33 wks, and I'm REALLY afraid for labour. I have a pretty low pain tolerance, and i want the epidural but im also scared of the risks of being paralyzed.I just really have no idea what to expect as far as pain is concerned..anyone have any advice?


Brooke - October 5

Im 32weeks and 3 days and im starting to worry too but not about the pain.I am only 21 and this is my first child. But i have just finished a book on child birth. And after reading that the last thing i am worried about is pain. I suggest that you do some reading up on birth.My main concerns at the moment are about the baby, his health and that everything is ok during labour. I too have a very low pain tolerance and even my partner is scared for me. But at the moment all i am thinking is please dont let me have an episotomy. Please dont let them use forcepts. Also reading up on childbirth will help you understand what is going on during labour and will give you something else to think about while trying to push the little bundle of joy out. So good luck with your new bub and dont stress the worst that can happen is that it hurts a bit but once u have that baby in your arms all pain will be forgotten!!!! Take care and good luck


kf - October 6

This is my first child too, obviously lol. I'm only 18.I have read at least 15 pregnancy books and attended pregnancy cla__ses.I am as informed as I'll ever be about labour, but I just don't know what to expect for pain.Some ppl have said its SO painful and then others are like, it's nothin.I happened to see a movie the other night on tv, and the woman died during childbirth..not a good thing to watch when you're pregnant. haha. I have anxiety like you wouldn't believe about the baby's health.I only found out at 7 wks that I was pregnant and I drank a lot before I knew,I am scared to death about fetal alcohol syndrome.


Brooke - October 7

My gosh i am in the same boat with the drinking. I didnt know till i was 3 months pregnant. I had my 21st and got absoultely smashed..and a row of 21st every weekend. So i am pretty worried..they say to drink in the first trimester is the worst time to drink. I was blind every weekend. I watched the b___terfly effect with the alternative ending where he kills himself in the womb and my gosh i was in tears i was like please dont let my baby be still born, then i watched taking lives where she gets stabbed in the tummy while pregnant and its almost like u feel the pain of it ..mother instincts must kick in coz gosh ne thing in movies about babies gettin hurt makes me feel ill.


kf - October 9

yeah, I think sometimes too that ppl make it seem like more of a big deal than it really is, instead of saying its possible but unlikely to have any problems..they act as tho one drink without knowing your PG,and youve ruined your baby's life.pregnant mothers have a lot of anxiety anyway but I think everyone talking just makes it worse.My doctor told me that if you drink in the first trimester, its the time where birth defects are LESS likely, because first of all you dont actually get PG till 2 wks after ur period.2nd of all at first the baby is just starting to implant itself, so it takes a few wks before it is getting all your first it is just getting a small percentage of what you take in.And if the damage from drinking was THAT bad that early on you would have just had a miscarriage.It is still possible for birth defects, but WAY less likely than someone who drank constantly later in their pregnancy.


Brooke - October 10

Soo true because most aborted babies are due to it having a defect so the body naturally gets rid of it. You have made me feel better already about it. I now only have 6 weeks and 6 days :) cant wait for my little bundle ahah. I had a weird dream last night that he was born too early and was tiny and i tried to put him back in..gosh the dreams we have are weird.


qtip - October 11

In the US you can get a "partial epidural" which blocks pain but allows the mother to walk around. Do you have this where you live?


Kf - October 11

lol I know the dreams are crazy.I have 6 wks and 3 days and im getting so anxious! I can't wait till my baby drops because I'm having such a hard time breathing.My stomach looks like it's gonna burst at any minute! You know you are having a boy? I wanted to know but they don't tell anymore here. :( I only got one ultrasound too , they wont do another one unless they have a reason to.qtip i have no idea about the partial epidural thing..I don't think we do..All I've ever heard of is just the normal spinal...


qtip - October 11

Where are you ladies? a__suming you are all females...:) You only had 1 ultrasound for your entire pregnancy? I am shocked if that is true. I am 16 weeks and have had 4 already.


Brooke - October 11

I have had 2 ultra sounds here in australia.ONly for the reason that they were doing the 28 weeks one and they did it a week too early to i had to go back for it the next week. I have not herd of a partial epidural. But i dont think i will end up using any pain relief unless i have to becuase what ever u have the baby gets too..and if ur baby is weak and u have had some sore of anestetic the baby wont be able to fight as strongly woohoo 6 weeks and 5 days :) good luck girls


qtip - October 12

Actually, when the mother recieves a painkiller during labor, the fetus also recieves a drug which counteracts the painkiller so the baby will not suffer horrible effects. Not sure how this works exactly but in the US, this is the case. I know there are still risks, even with the counteracting drug.


kf - October 12

I'm in Canada and I only had one ultrasound done at 18 wks.I really wanted to get one around now near the end of the pregnancy but my doctor won't do one even on request...apparently ultrasound time is precious.I'm extremely would be rea__suring to have another one.I think I'm going to just probably get demerol and the laughing gas for pain, (I've heard its great)..depending on how things go cause I dont know what the pain is like.I know that the baby does get a sleepy affect from the drugs u take sometimes, but It's nothing serious.What I did hear about epidural tho is that it slows down sometimes its easier to get it over with quickly, that is if u are having a fairly quick labour.


kf - October 12

When's your girls' due dates?? I'm Nov.24


Brooke - October 12

Im due Nov 28th....cant wait :)


Christine - October 14

I am 18 and 39 weeks with my 2nd little boy.. Why does everyone a__sume that you have to get an epidural?? With my first son I dialated to a 3 withot knowing it then when I got to a 7 I got a spinal block. I think that they are much better and you don't have something ssticking out of your back.. Mine wore off right after I had my son.. I am once again 3cm dialated and I am getting induced on the 18th and I am going to get a spinal block again..


kf - October 14

whats the difference between an epidural and spinal block.. at the prenatal cla__ses i took at the hospital where I will be delivering they only mentioned to us, the etonox gas, demerol, and epidural for pain relief.


qtip - October 14

Found this on a site ---------- A spinal block (also called a spinal) involves an injection in the lower back that numbs the lower body. With a spinal, the medication is given only once (as compared to an epidural). It begins to relieve pain almost immediately, but pain relief lasts only 1-2 hours. A spinal is most commonly used when pain relief is needed for a limited period of time, such as for a cesarean delivery or a v____al delivery in which the doctor uses instruments to help the baby out. Side effects are similar to an epidural. Sometimes a spinal is given along with an epidural. This provides you with immediate pain relief, with the option of more medication if you need it.



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