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allyson - January 21

my last doctors appointment was today at 9:30 am, and the doctor told me i was going to go VERY soon, and my water JUST broke! i havent been having contractions yet but i dont have my bag packed for the hospital!! what do i need to bring? should i pick up anything before i go in? what should i expect! im 17, can someone reply asap!


Maggie - January 21

Hi Allyson! First Congrats! You're gonna have your baby! Ok, for your bag you will need loose fitting comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting ruined. You will be bleeding after giving birth so you may stain your pants and underwear. I would bring 3 outfits like this. Don't bring pre-pregnancy clothes b/c they won't fit just yet. Bring shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, hairbrush, insurance cards, a little cash, and comfy shoes and socks. For the baby you should bring their going home outfit, a few onesies, a few diapers (just in case the hospital doesn't provide), and nursing gear if you are b___stfeeding. I would also bring a book/magazine, a deck of cards, some music, basically stuff to keep you busy during labor. That is really all I can think off. Good Luck to you!


Lisastar9 - January 21

Buy some witch hazel from the drugstore for after delivery. It comes in a liquid,they provide frozen pad for swelling in the v____a areaplace a few drops on each pad to contro; the swelling,due the witch hazel everytime you change a pad till you are not sore anymore. I used some 1 week after my first cause I was still sore and within a day I felt better down there. I hope this all makes sense. Don't worryif you don't take this right away to the hospital cause you won't need it in labour,so somebody can buy it and bring it for you. Hope everything goes well,and congradulationson being a Mom


allyson - January 21

im leaveing for the hospital now in a few minutes, contractions started and are getting really bad, so im off! thanks maggie, i packed everything you said, and Lisa, my boyfriend is gonna pic up the witch hazel, thanks!!



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