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E - May 8

I know babies have their own sheduld but it seems like mine just doesnt want to come out what so ever.. she's already 4 days overdue.. and i dont want to be induced, i was hoping to go naturally... and i tried walking and s_x and just about everything else safe.. still no signs of labor.. And i think somethings wrong i havent even had contractions either and im almost 41 wks???


Paige - May 8

I am exactly the same way!!! I was due on May 4th and absolutely NOTHING!!! No contractions, not really anyway, and I have no desire to go into labour by induction, they say it's brutal the first time around, I don't know about you, but this is my first, and I don't want induction. I'll be 41 weeks on Wed. and at that pt. my dr. says she'll send me for a stress test and the hsptl and then if all is ok then i'll have to wait untill next Sat. to get induced. If my girl is stressed then they'll induce on the wed. while i'm at the hsptl. it's a pain in the **&!#@ waiting for her but all worth it in the end. Keep me posted.


E - May 8

Paige, How much are u dilated?Effaced?station?


Paige - May 8

I don't know what station she's at but accord. to my dr. she's extremely low. I am approx. 2 cm dilated and about 20% effaced. what about u?


E - May 8

I really am quite confused about which stage im at but i was told something like 90-100% effaced. 1cm dillated and baby is at -2 station.. so that's like nothing!


lacey - May 8

My baby was due yesterday. . . and I have no signs of labor either. I was falsely excited on Thursday when I was told I was dialated 2 cm. . . which now seems like no big deal. I have managed to avoid much of the overdue frustration when thinking about how accurate my babies due date is. Although my due date was established by ultrasound, how do I know if it was complete valid? Besides it is only an estimated date based upon the size of the fetus. My opinion is it could be days or even weeks off. I imagine my body knows what is best for my son, and if he needs some extra time to develop or whatever, then I will give it to him. Trust your body is my advice.


E - May 8

my periods were quite accurt all the time. I knew when my last period was! im quite upset and worried that somethings wrong?? or is it sometimes normal to go over..


:) - May 9

Make a bunch of appointments - to get your hair done, usually works doing this because then you'll go into labor and have to cancel them all:)


kate - May 9

My friend has just had a little boy....3 weeks late!!!! I wouldn't worry just yet!


Maddie - May 9

My mom had my brother THREE WEEKS past the due date. This was in August, and we live in FL, so imagine the horribly hot, humid weather!


Dore - May 9

Im in the same boat. My lazy lil boy was due on May 3rd. I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Doc says theres no way he will let me go past 42 weeks. I know how you feel, this waiting game is no joke, and i dont want to be induced either, but the longer the baby statys in utero, the larger he will get and complications during labor increase, as well as chances of having a c-section. Not only that, the placentas ability to function decreases with time. Taking all of that into consideration, id rather be induced than harm the baby. Just think of your little bundle of joy in your arms when all is said and done.


E - May 9

Well i went to the doctor today. And things changed since 5 days ago. My blood pressure has went up, i am retaining alot of fluid and gained 5 pounds.. and feet and hands and legs are all swollen.. and babys movements have drastically changed?? so im going to the hospital today to be checked on the monitor thingie. If things are going good doctor will induce tue. But if not im on 48 hr bed rest till they forsurlly induce me wed. So i dont know about you but im kind of scared..


nini - May 9

i have to previous daughters and they were both about two weeks late ,once they scheduled me to be induced they both came the same day


Paige - May 9

E, sorry to hear about your latest condition...what happened during the stress test? If we don't hear back, I'll a__sume you had your beautiful baby of luck to mom and baby!!!!



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