So When Will Baby Drop

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torbman - June 10

Ok so many of you know that my water broke at 31 weeks. I am now 33 weeks, and awaiting one more week, then they will induce me. My question is, when will the baby drop? I don't think that he has yet. He is still kicking my ribs and I still am having major heartburn. How long will it take if I am induced? I dialated in half an hour with my second daughter, and wasn't too far off that with my first. However I also think that I had dropped already with them. Anyone , please help. I would kinda like not to have to be induced. I hear that the petocin gives you strong contractions. I would like to be able to get it started myself (aside from s_x ).


Been There - June 10

Torbman, the baby can drop later, but in your case, I wouldn't be thinking the baby will drop prior to or just because of the induction. Because of going early, the baby may not be ready to drop yet. How far along were you with the other two when they dropped?


torbman - June 11

With my first daughter I was 2 weeks early, however she was an emergency c-section as my water broke and she was a footling breach. Then with my second, I was two days to the due date. I think she may have dropped the week before. With this one after being so unexpected in the first place, and withmy water breaking so early, I just don't know. I am still trying to figure out why it happened. It was my easiest day of all that week and I was just standing there chatting with a friend when it broke. Do you think it will take long for the baby to drop when I get induced? I didn't want to be induced if I could help it becasue I heard that the pitocin could bring on really strong contrations. I don't want to be in labour for days. I had it pretty easy with my first too, and I find myself awfully scared and nervous with this one.


Jenn2 - June 11

I am over 40 weeks right now, and at my last appointment ( a few days ago) my doctor said she was very low. However, I am hardly who knows what that means?? I did not even realize she was that low b/c I have had absolutely no pelvic pain or pressure down there?? Some women feel it more and will feel the pressure/pain.


Tanna - June 11

I habe read that with a woman's first, the baby can drop weeks before delivery, but with subsequent pregnancies the baby usually won't drop until labor begins. Your baby may not drop at all on his/her own if you have to be induced. Especially not that soon.


torbman - June 12

Thats true Tanna. I was hoping to get things moving along. I am really nervous to have the pitocin, but I guess I will just leave that too the docters and trust them. I guess if I really can't handle the pain that I could always go for an epidural. :( My pain tolerance is fairly high, this is just so new to me. My other two kids were so different also (birth wise). Boy are they gonna have some great stories in the baby books!



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