Softened Cervix Is The Birth Near

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crimson4154 - July 8

Hi everyone, I'm due July 25th but have started to feel a bit different these last days. I swore the nesting thing would not hit me at all because I've been pretty fatigued and the heat (San Diego) has killed me. But... somehow I managed to go on a domestic mission these last couple of days! I had my weekly doctor's appt on Wednesday and all he said was "the cervix is soft but closed." I am just curious - how far off can I be? The past couple of days I've been feeling some irregular contractions so I'm writing them off as Braxton. Getting eager though... how many days can one go with a "softened" cervix? Grateful for replies!!!


ashley - July 8

I had a softened cervix for 3 weeks with my daughter. Your body can start to prepare for labor a month before you'll go. Labor will be closer when you start dilating and effacing more. I've had braxton hicks since 14 weeks along.


lilmomma88 - July 8

You can go many many days actually many weeks with a softened cervix. I know this is not what you want to hear, but it's true =( I was effaced and dilated for 3-4 weeks before I was induced. I've heard of people being effaced and dilated at 30 weeks pregnant. Your body just makes it's own decision as to when to bring your baby!


crimson4154 - July 8

Thanks for the replies girls! I think I hate not knowing more than the sad truth that I might be 3 weeks away... if only the heat would give in!


Keli - July 9

I know, tell me about the heat. I am in TX. I was due 7-23. But I am going to have a c sec on 7-18. If I go into labor before then, I will try a VBAC. I am also just "soft" not dialating yet.


Patti - July 9

I was softened and dilated for a month before I gave birth. My sister had a closed, not softened cervix at her Thursday appt. yet delivered on the following Sunday. Unfortunately, being dilated and/or softened is no indication of impending labor. I hate that part of the last visits. You want to know if anything's happening w/ your cervix, but then it doesn't seem to make a difference when it is. At least in my experience. Try and hang in there. I know the feeling of wondering if you'll be pregnant forever, but it will happen. Hopefully sooner for you!


eimear - July 10

I've been 4cm for 2 weeks and 50% effaced and I reckon I might go over. Baby's head is right down but I'm thinking it's got comfortable there and wants to stay put. Thankfully I'm Irish so heat isn't a problem I ever have to contend with! Its all rainy and grim outside.


crimson4154 - July 10

I'd take rain any day over the heat :-) Thanks for more insight! I have come to terms with that I probably will go 40+ weeks by now so anything moving down there before will be a great surprise! Have just come down with another cold (and just came off antibiotics about 10 days ago from my last) and am miserable. Not sure what is better, getting the birth over with early or letting the cold pa__s! Ugh... been a rough path but I am sure I'll forget all about it in a month or so! :-)



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