Softening Thinning And Effaced

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nik - August 15

what is the difference between a softened cervix, a thinning cervix, and effaced. Are they all terms for pretty much the same thing or are they totally different. At 30weeks I was in the hospital with kidney problems and they checked me to be safe. He said then that my cervix was softened. At my next appointment they are going to start checking for dilation. I know everyone is different but do you think by now I would have progressed to something if I was already softened then? I'll be 37 weeks for my next appt.


Erynn21 - August 15

You know I have been confused myself about this, I just read all of it on webmd. You can go there and it can help you with all the terms, the cervix at first in pregnancy are hard like the tip of you nose as you get closer they get soft like your cheek. Thinning cevix and effacement are the same thing, and dialation is the amount in cm your cervix is opening. All these things are just relative to having the baby, because women can be dialted for weeks, have thinning going on and nothing, then there are others who go in to their app. and nothing is going on and bam they go into labor that night. It all just means that things are progressing. I'm going in Thurs for my first internal, so I may know a little more in a couple of days. I am 37.5 wks.


nik - August 17

anyone else?


Patti - August 17

Actually, Erynn21 explained it very well. As you get closer to labor your cervix will soften. Effaced and thinning are the same thing and dilating is the opening. It's such a confusing thing because you can be dilated and effaced for weeks before labor, or not be and go into labor. At 37 weeks you're probably dilated and effaced a little (could be a lot too.) But, if you're not, don't fret. I tend to walk around dilated for weeks, yet my sister never dilated prior to her labors.



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