Some Info On Pre Eclampsia PIH Plz Help

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mom.2.5 - April 17

I have PIH and have recently been really sick (vomiting) and have lost 5lbs this past week. I've done all the PIH tests,and they were high. At what point do the dr's consider it really dangerous and induce?By going on the urine (protein +1,+2,+3, and so on). I've had lots of concern with this one and this seems to be adding to it. (bedrest,preterm, not to mention the other 4 children I have!) Any info would be greatly appreciated. You'd think after 4 I'd know, but this is the 1st time I've had it.


amb - April 17

i had PIH with my second. it came suddenly and my protein went from +2 to +4 in a day and a half. you should be induced bc if not it can be harmful. i still have high blood pressure and my dd is 8 eight weeks old and she was 6 weeks early. i never vomited or lost weight cause of it. watch for HEADACHES!!! this could be a sign of extreme high blood pressure. if you have a headache that doesnt go away id go to the ER ASAP!


mom.2.5 - April 17

THANXS FOR YOUR RESPONSE, I was just wondering if maybe the PIH might have been causing the sickness, i know you swell and can gain weight rapidly. It seems like everything has gone just the opposite of the other 4 pregnancies. My urine this past 2 weeks was a+1,&+2, so I was just curious. how much did yours weigh being that early? I had my last the day I turned 37wks(induced) and he was 7#8oz. I take meds for the BP and the headaches, so i really don't know when to worry half the time, thanks again


sphinxminx - April 18

also watch your eyesight, My sister-in-law was seeing white spots from the head aches.


LoriAnn2994 - April 18

My Bp this am was 150/96 I already have an appointment for this pm. I will let you know what she says. I am 35 5/7 weeks been on bedrest for bp and am currently 2 cm dilated and 50 percent effaced. We will see what is up today with the urine I guess.


amb - April 18

my dd was 3 pounds 14 ounces this preclampsia thing sucks. yes i gained alot of weight i gained around 16-17 pounds of fluid in less than two weeks. i hope they dont put you on magensium sulfate. that stuff sucks bad! it makes you feel like your on fire. it makes you loopy, i dont remember that weekend at all! i hope you all are okay!!!!! and watch out for pulminary ademia, i got that in the hospital from being so swollen with fluid. if you feellike you cant breath TELL A NURSE asap!!!


LoriAnn2994 - April 18

I went to the MD today. I still have protein in my urine, Bp still up. Gained 4 lbs in 6 days. No one has checked me for pulmonary Edema. I was told yet another week on bedrest and she might consider enducing me at 39 weeks, WTF!!!! I may have a stroke way before that. I am seeing spots anyways and she knows it!!! I cannot do this for 4 more weeks. I had my first at 36 weeks for the same problem. Why won't they do it again. She was big anyways at 7#90z. I really need some support. I just want to Yell and scream that no one cares.


camgray02 - April 20

I had preeclampsia on my 2nd pregnancy. My bp got as high as 200/120 at one time around my 30th wk! So my dr put me on bedrest and a hypertensive drug from then on. My weight gain was sudden too, had swollen feet and hands.. Luckily, the bedrest and bp med worked, i gradually lost the water-weight.. I also had to lessen my salt and sugar intake. All the while i was on bedrest, i had to closely monitor my bp.. Any inncreases, i had to be brought to the hospital for monitoring just to make sure the baby wasn't distressed. But I got very lucky, i was not induced and gave birth via NSD, not c-section! Altho my baby came early (37 wks) and was only 4.18lbs, she was perfectly healthy. Whew! Loriann- did ur dr give you bp med? hang in there. sometimes if your gut tells you the opposite of what the dr says, youve got to follow your gut! it's your body and your baby anyway. Hope all is well with you.


amb - April 21

aww hun im sorry. they should induce you. its "supposed" to cure this PIH. i havent been to the doc in 2 weeks so next week i have to go and get it checked again so hopefully im back to normal!!! and OMG CAMGRAY 200/120 GOOODNESS i would have freaked out. mine got like 180/something. did you have to be on the mag sulfate at all?? did your bp return to normal?? if so how long did it take to return to normal?? im so curious about that!!!!


Jilloh - April 22

I had bouts of high blood pressure. I had to go in every week from week 32 onward so he could monitor my blood pressure. I managed to carry to full term and I ended up being induced on my "orignial due date." He was very healthy when born but don't think that high blood pressure didn't scare the pee out of me.


camgray02 - April 26

Hi amb- my bp went back to normal after I gave birth. i was on spirinolactone (a diurectic), which worked well for me - i guess together with bedrest and low-salt diet.. i'm now almost on wk 30 with my third baby, so we're watching out for the signs again! Hope it doesnt come back.. My dr said in some cases the hypertension persists after prgnancy, or recurs later in life (maybe as late as after 10 years).. So we all gotta take better care! ;-)


amb - April 26

wow see im scared out of my mind to have another one. for that reason.



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