Some People Are So Rude

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Rachel - November 28

I went to the mall yesterday to do some Christmas shopping, and I walk into this store and this guy calls me fat. I weighed 125 before I got pregnant and I weigh 146 now and I'm almost 30 weeks. I couldn't believe it. I was really close to saying something like, I'm 7 months pregnant, what excuse do you have for needing a bra? Sorry, I had to vent.


Maggie - November 28

Rachel you definately should've said that! I had a 7 year old call me fat, and I d__n near started to cry. I had a woman in a store tell me "Oh you're pregnant, I thought you were just fat." Don't worry, soon we'll be rockin our 125lb. bods again, and then people will ogle over us, and we'll complain about that. :-) Hope you feel better!


Rachel - November 28

I just don't understand how you could go up to a person and straight out call them fat. Thanks, it did make me feel better lol.


Lia - November 28

I've been responding to comments that I don't like by saying......"That's is not something a pregnant woman wants to hear." Most people appologize or say I didn't mean it that way. I just keep going..... :->


Annette - November 28

Rachel, whoever called you fat is an f****** as***le, period.


Tiffany - November 28

OMG I cant believe he said that. I could just hit some people.


Kate N Baby - November 28

Hey ladies. I was in Old Navy the other day and I am 31 weeks and still can fit into large shirts there. This little girl came around the corner and said, "Excuse me this isn't the maternity section." I almost died. Not because it hurt my feelings, just because it was embarra__sing. I know I shouldn't shop in non maternity stores but I try to go for the bargains. So when I can hit Old Navy up for a sale, I'M THERE.... Hope this helps. Good luck


Karen - November 28

Yes, people are rude and thoughtless. I had one woman ask me if I knew what I was having. When I said a girl she said, "Oh I thought so because your nose has really spread. " Then, my aunt who was telling me about my cousin pregnant with triplets being huge says, "Your big too!" I was like, well THANK YOU VERY LITTLE for the self-esteem boost! I'm only 7 months pregnant people!!!! People just don't think and don't care.


hum - November 28

unfortunately, pregnancy seems to solicit not only everyones opinions, but these idiots thinks its perfectly exceptable to voice em.


Rose - November 28

Kate N Baby, Don't feel bad, You can shop where ever you want! For all anyone knows you could be shopping for christmas presents... people should mind their own buisness.


Annette - November 28

Kate N Baby, I was at Old Navy a couple weeks ago and asked someone on the maternity department to help me find my size (I am XS and they only had big sizes on display), before I could say anything he grabbed my belly with both hands and started rubbing, as if I were Buddha ready to grant him a wish, yelling: "of course you won´t find anything that fits with theeeeeeees!!!" He was trying to be nice, and really no offense to anyone working there but they should be more careful with their maternity department PR :)))) Unfortunately rudeness is not limited to comments, just today taking the subway home there was this yup-ie guy playing with his PDA standing next to me, when suddenly someone stood up and left an empty seat he literally pushed me aside and sat down (I live in NY where saddly men´s courtesy is not popular), thankfully the girl sitting next to him offered me hers while he just pretended to ignore me turning his head exactly at the sign saying you should leave your seat to pregnant women,


Tiffany - November 28

You would think people would be nice to you when you are pregnant but it seems like alot of people treat pregnant women worse then non pregnant ones. I just hate being asked 500 questions about my pregnancy by strangers i just want to ask them to not talk to me. and why does everyone go right for the belly?


ASA - November 29

I wish I was 125 lbs. Let's just say I used to be a long time ago. Being who I am today, I probably would have asked him why he needed a bra. Even if you were just "fat", so what. He doesn't have to be with you. Pregnancy is beautiful. I wasn't anywhere near 125 when I had my 1st child and I am not now, pregnant with my 3rd(32weeks). I learned a long time ago that people are ignorant and always have something to say. I say laugh it off. Even if it hurts, they will see that they can't get a rise out of you and the feel stupid for saying anything in the first place.


Ashley - November 29

Oh, rude strangers are bad, but my SIL - I fantasize about choking her!!! Every time we see her she says something that makes me want to cry. She gave me her maternity clothes, but I would rather be naked than wear them around her!!! Last weekend I broke down and wore a pair of jeans she gave me and tried to cover them to the knees with one of dh's XL tshirts and she was like, "Those are the biggest, baggest pants I ever had. In fact, I never even wore them my second pregnancy - I never got THAT big." I dread seeing her. She is a runner and I seriously think she has self-esteem issues b/c she makes rude coments about how big I am all the time!! She also makes terrible comments about dh (her little brother) b/c he doesn't run anymore and is 6'2' and over 200 lbs now! Good grief, she gained 40 lbs with her first baby, I've only gained 18 (at 30 weeks), so what is her problem????? Thanks for letting me vent! ;)


Rachel - November 29

Lol, a girl I work with gave me a whole bunch of her maternity clothes, the thing was she's like 30 lbs bigger than me and she's not pregnant. But the thing that gets me with some people is, I don't really think I look fat, I look almost like I did before, plus a big belly, and I'm obviously pregnant. Kate, you should be able to shop anywhere. That same day that guy said that, my mom saw I was wearing normal jeans (that I leave unb___toned cuz they fit everywhere but the waist) and a shirt that covered my unb___toned pants, and she said, you're getting too fat to wear that! I knew she didn't mean anything by it, but still lol


rl - November 29

I have not really had anyone say anything mean to me but I am small this is my 3rd and I guess it is the way I carry I just don't seem that big but my best friend just had her baby in Oct and at the begining of Aug she was having people say oh your so big you must be due any day...and she would say in Oct and they would look at her and go OH???!!!! Well her baby weighted almost 9lbs so that is why she got so big ha ha lol but she really felt bad about it she teases me now that she was my size when she was 4months ( i am 30 wks) but she has lost all the weight now and looks great so hopfully we will all be so lucky!!


Annette - November 29

Ashley, I totally understand you. The most hurtful comments I have received don´t come from strangers but from family members and relatives; would you believe me if I said my mother is at the top 1st? I know she is not trying to hurt me but rea__suring her self-esteem now that she is becoming a grandmother. If I say I´ve put on 18 pounds she has to say "I only put 15 during my entire pregnancy and was wearing my clothes a week after giving birth". If I say I bought a maternity bra she has to say "really? I never changed bra size!" (and make me feel like a cow). If I say my belly is big she has to say "when I gave birth the doctor couldn´t believe I was 9 months, he thought I was miscarrying at 4!" and list goes on and on, but never supportive. Your SIL obviously has some self-esteem issues and will go for your neck knowing how vulnerable we are right now. Don´t let her affect you; I would say discretely find her Achiles ankle and BITE!



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