Somebody Please Help Me No Dilation

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Kitalj07 - October 16

Hey! My due date is next Friday and I have not dialated at all! I had an appt. yesterday and I am still closed. What should I do? To be honest, I have been walking and having s_x so that I could dialate. I don't think it works, so what shall I do. I am so ready to have this baby and I'm afraid that I'm going to pass my due date... I don't want to pass my due date. Am I worrying too soon? My due date is Oct. 26th!


tish212 - October 16

I talked to my dr about inducing me....he said they could do it up to 7 days before ur due date (as long as u don't have complications) so I have my induction scheduled for 4 days before my due date....have u considered asking if ur dr can do that for u? its worth at least asking ya know?


lmk - October 16

You won't go more than 2 weeks past your due date, for sure. Are you very uncomfortable now? Induction leads to a much higher rate of c-sections, and a more painful labor in general. You can also be completely not dilated and go into labor and dialate. Ask you Dr., but dilation is no indication of when you will go into labor; some women are dilated for a month before going into labor. Good luck! My due date is this coming Sat/Sun. I'm looking forward to seeing my son, but I'm not really I guess I'm not worried about going a week or so over.


josie4 - October 16

There is no set rule that says women must be dilated before labor begins. Some women are dilated weeks before giving birth, some are tightly closed until labor starts. I would try not to worry too much. Like lmk said, you won't go more than 2 weeks "late". (Whatever late is. All women and babies are different.)


Kitalj07 - October 16

THanks you guys... I feel a lot more better. I will ask my doctor about that tish212, but I don't want to have a C-section. I do feel uncomfortable and more exhausted by the day. My stomach is strecthing and my clothes are lessening. Good luck on the baby Imk, be sure to let me know how it goes. Thankz too Josie4. I just hope that it comes soon, cuz I'm az big az a whale! I have really bad heartburn too.


evae777 - October 16

how exciting, your day is coming soon! i dont think i will worry about pa__sing my due date, if anything, i am super nervous about him coming out! i am a total wimp... why is giving birth so scary! my husband is even scared to be in the same room which makes me more nervous too since he's not any braver than i am !


Kitalj07 - October 16

LOL! evae777 you seem very nervous. When is your due date? I too am scared, but ready to take whatever pain comes so I can get it over with!


musicbaby - October 16

I didnt start to dialate until I was in labour. Everyone is different and it will happen in its own time.... some people can go around a couple of cm for weeks while others it happens all at once. I went just about a week overdue, its annoying and I understand your frustration, its all worth it when it happens though! GL.


evae777 - October 16

kitalj07 im due jan. 12th. first child. ahhh!!


mommybabyboy21 - October 16

Just want to give you some heart...I am already a mommy but thought I would lurk in here since its been awhile...but I was due on the 14 had an appointment that day came in and nothing...all my dr said was that my cervix was soft...but no dilation. I cried for sure thinking I was going to go over...I had my baby on the 15...with only 4 hours of it is possible you can go on your own...oh and with walks I always walked on an incline.


synesthesia1821 - October 16

my sister pa__sed her due date. she was in the same position as you. even with drugs it took her almost 18 hours to dilate...came in at 11:30 on the 9th. started dilating around 3 pm the next day...even with inducation drugs. literally she went from dilation of 3 to 8 in a matter of an hour, we really thought she was going to have a c section. but eveyrthing came through for her at the last minute! no worries, youll be fine. promise. if they try to give you cytotek to induce you i wouldnt take it though, my sister refused cytotek and used cervadil and it worked just fine. MUCH SAFER and FDA approved.


Tink - October 16

like Tish, i also have an induction scheduled a week before my due date-----IF and only IFi am favorable. they think it is a big baby anyhow. but i know it just depends on your doc- some will induce on your due date or a week after. can't hurt to ask. my doc ONLY does it if you are favorable though- i.e. starting to dilate and efface. i am already 50% effaced and 1cm, so it is looking good for me so far, i'll find out more at my appt thursday. they won't usually let you go 2 weeks past though since the placenta starts to deteriorate. not showing progress yet isn't a bad thing- like others said, it can happen very quickly. everyone is different. i have been taking EPO evening primose oil since week 35- 1000mg a day. you can find it at a health food store. don't know that is works or not. but i am 1cm since i started it 2 weeks ago. i didn't take it last week since i had the stomach flu and i didn't progress anymore. i started it again this week and will see if i am any more dilated! here's to hoping.


Kitalj07 - October 17

Thanks you guys! Its good to know all this valuable information, & good luck evae777, its my first too. I have my next appt. next Tuesday and my when I went Last Wed, my doc told me that my baby was exactly 6 lbs and if he gets over 6 1/2 lbs then I couldn't hold him. Like Tink said... It really wouldn't hurt to ask! Thanks for the info you guys!


J.J. - October 18

Kitalj, i was only 1 cm dilated w/first in my last apt at 39 weeks. My dr recommended sked an induction date so i'd have it (it was 2 days after due date), but i went into labor on my due date. This preg seems to be a carbon copy. I'm due Monday oct 22nd, not dilated at all (!) and have induction sked for 24th. I'm giving her a fair shot to come on her own, but if she misses it, out she comes. Good luck.


DDT - October 18

I wasn't dilated before I went into labour either. I went into labour at 39w6d.



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