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sbyrd - February 10

I keep hearing that a bunch of women are dialated to like 1-2 cms for weeks before they actually go into to labor. What makes you start to dialate?? I havent felt any contractions, but can you dialate from bh?


MB - February 10

Hi i believe it can get the process under way. I am 4 cm dilated at the moment i am having the odd contraction here and there and my back is killing me ! if i dont go before they are taking me in on monday to break my waters. Personally i have felt something going on down there because i can feel his head pressing against my cervix, sometimes it feels like his hand will pop out.


Jadejewels - February 10

when I was pregnant with my daughter four years ago I got sick from something that I ate at 32 weeks. I was so sick that I couldn't stop throwing up and from the pressure I dialated 2 cm. But I still held out until 37 and a half weeks.


Nerdy Girl - February 11

Yes, you can absolutely dilate from BH's! I had very strong ones starting at 20 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy. I could stop the BH's by lying down and resting. My doc told me that I needed to try to minimize the BH's because the more often they occur, the more often they are to bring on real labor. I didn't know that at all with my first pregnancy.... I would get them and just ignore them because I knew they were BH's. And about the dilating - I was 3cm at my 40 week appointment and still not in labor. I was 2 cm the week before that, going to work, walking around at the mall, etc. Some women are in a lot of pain at 2cm and some don't even know it.


sbyrd - February 11

Wow that is sooo helpful! Thank ya'll soo much! I go to the dr. on Tuesday and if I am dialated at all I will be induced on Friday. I dont think I have had any contractions yet, but I'm not really sure what to expect since this is my first. Thank you all for your help!


crystal74 - February 11

what's bh?


crystal74 - February 11

nevermind, braxton hicks contractions



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