Sooo Tired Of The Phone Calls And Emails

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Chrissy - May 13

My family and friends are killing me here! I am getting induced Wednesday at 38 weeks, so technically I haven't even hit my due date yet, but I have been inundated with phone calls and emails over the last 2 weeks. If I am not home, or just choose to not answer my phone, I get all these messages about "Well you're not there, maybe you're at the hospital!" So then I feel obligated to call or email back to let them know that I am not in labor and neglected to tell anyone! I am so tired of it! I know this sounds terrible because they just care, but it is really really getting unbearable! I cannot believe this~ especially since I'm not even due yet!! It's making me want to only allow our parents to come visit at the hospital and not even tell anyone until we get home. I just might do that! I am just soooo sick of all these calls!!! Anyone else dealing with this too??


Chrissy - May 13

AND------Oh my gosh, I just went to the mall to pick up a few things for after the baby. I figure, I am only going to be pregnant for a few more days so I wanted to pick up a couple of items of clothing to wear for after I am no longer 9 months pregnant! Apparently the general public doesn't realize that we will not be pregnant forever! I went into a few of the trendy shops that I always shopped at before I was pregnant, and I cannot believe the stares I got from people, and even caught a few people look at me and my belly then say something to their friend. I was so p__sed! I started staring directly in their eyes as soon as I caught anyone looking at me funny. Then the snottly little cashier girl did the same thing when I walked up with a pair of jeans that she probably thinks I have no business buying right now, but I have news for her, they are the same size as I wore prepregnancy and I tried them on when I got home and they FIT!!! Except they were a little smushed a the top where my belly pushed them down, but I could actually already get away with wearing them if I want, so I know I'll be able to wear them when I leave the hospital.! That made me feel better. Anyway, if the jeans werent so cute I would have dropped them on the counter and walked out when I realized the sales girl was acting funny about it. I left the mall in such a bad mood! Shopping is usually my therapy, but not today!!! Sorry for so much venting, wow I really must be pregnant today!


miraclebaby - May 13

You need to take a step back, everyone can't be against you, just driving your crazy. Your family and friends care, be glad that they are even there for you. If you had no one calling or caring then you would be depressed you had no friends. As far as the store goes, you could have been buying a gift for someone too. Maybe you just feel they were thinking that. I hate to say it, but its sounds like hormones and frustrated with being pregnant at this point . Be happy , relax and enjoy.


Tye - May 13

I undersand and say let it out. Hormones or not you are allowed to get p__sed and frustrated at people. The fact is people do stare at pregnant women-it happens to me all the time and I don't blame Chrissy one bit for being frustrated to have to constantly be responding to non-eventful updates to everyone. I am sure she realizes they care-she even said so-but this is a tense time for all of us and things like that make it hard for us to just " relax and enjoy". Good luck to you -I am right there with ya Chrissy !


Drew - May 13

Wooooh girl, I'm soooo with you!! I'm overdue right now (depending on which date you go by I'm anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks over.....seriously!)....the phone calls and the line "You still haven't had that baby?" are forever gonna make my skin crawl!! But I think it's the incerdibly rude people in the mall, restraunts ect that act like they have never seen a pregnant woman before in their life. It doesn't matter if I'm in a store for annorexics ( or just a regular department store, people actually turn as they are walking to stare!! Miraclebaby, you must be less than 30 weeks so you probably havent had the pleasure of this yet, but believe me it happens!! lol


Chrissy - May 13

Thanks Tye and Drew, for validating my feelings!! Like you said, I did say that I know they all cared, and obviously I'm hormonal, I'm 9 months pregnant for crying out loud!! I felt worse after reading miracle baby's response, but you two made me feel sooooooo much better, and not like I'm being some paranoid lunatic! You're so right Tye, it is hard to "relax and enjoy" right now! And Drew, I noticed taht too, when I was in the mall just walking and not even in stores people would stare like you said, as if they have never seen a pregnant woman before. I came home and complained to my hubby that they made me feel like I was an alien being or something, it was weird!! And its sooo obvious when they are staring because they keep looking at you from belly to face and back to belly again! Anyway, thanks you two, for understanding my need to vent today!


Chrissy - May 13

Oh yeah, and Drew I agree, Miraclebaby must not have reached the last few weeks of her pregnancy yet. Just wait Miraclebaby, you will be eating your words when you see what we are talking about!


Been There - May 13

Chrissy, I so know what you are talking about. I'm only 28 weeks right now, but with my last pregnancy, people just got on my nerves. I was 9 days late, yet every day they called as if I needed a reminder that I still hadn't delivered. They continued to call right down to the day I was in the hospital being induced. They knew I was there and knew I would call or have someone call after the baby came. But all day long they called with the stupid remark, "You didn't have the baby yet?" I finally had my mother (who attends every birth in our family) tell them I wasn't getting on the phone anymore and to stop calling. I told her to tell them to stop because the next person to call was going to get cussed out with some choice words they never thought I knew. Obviously no one was more anxious to deliver than I was, so why do people want to keep pestering me and calling knowing that I was already dealing with enough. I say you avoid the phone while in labor and make sure someone else is there to take care of people when they call to pester you. Yes, they may care, but they need to stop pestering you too.


Jenn2 - May 14

Chrissy- I went to shop for non-maternity clothes the other day, and I did notice some stares, but I just did not let it bother me. Who really cares what they think. If they have a problem....its their problem, and not yours. They may have just been looking at the pregnant belly b/c they think its cute. Its funny how facinated people are with "the belly". In some ways I will miss the attention, and in others.....I cant WAIT to be a normal size again!!!


Drew - May 14's not an "oh, how cute"'s more like an "oh my God, if her water breaks right here in front of me I'll kill her" kinda look. Or, "man she has nerve being in public". It's kinda hard not to let it bother you when people have been doing it since I was about 36 weeks, and I'm now 2 weeks over-due. So, after awhile, it really gets on your nerves!! Good luck Chrissy, hope your induction goes well, I'm going in for mine tomorrow....YAY!! Tye, lotsa luck to you too girl! :)


Chrissy - May 14

Drew, Thanks for your support, and good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. IT's about time for you! I feel so bad for what you have been going through with this endless waiting! You are a stronger woman than I!!!! Best of luck!


3babies - May 14

I have read stories of girls who push their due date up 2 weeks so that they dont get all those phonecalls, especially if they go over. (Tell everyone you are due 2 weeks later). Also friends of ours had a planned c/s but didnt tell anyone about it (including family), They waited a few days until after the baby was born then rang and told everybody. I thought that was a little strange, especially with family, but they are a little strange themselves :-) Good luck!


Lizh - May 15

I know exactly how you feel I am already four days past my due date and everyone keeps asking me day in and day out when are you popping that kid out and it getting annoying and fusterating cuz that's all they ever talk to me about!!



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