Sore Throat That Won T Go Away

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rebolson - September 27

Hello~ I'm now 31 weeks and I've had a sore throat on and off (more on than off) for about 2-3 months now. It's nothing seriously painful...more annoying than anything...and I haven't had any cold and/or flu sypmtoms accompanying it. Could this be pregnancy related? Has anyone else had this happen? I never think to ask my doctor about it at appts because like I said, it's more of a nuisance than anything else. Any thoughts?


beagle1223 - September 27

I've had a couple of sore throats due to sinus drainage throughout this whole thing. You might want to go to your doctor because there are antibiotics that you can take that will definitely help if it is a bacterial infection. Hope you feel better soon!


rebolson - September 27

Thank you for your response...that's what I was thinking (sinus drainage)...I mean, what else would cause a throat to be sore for this long, for cryin' out loud! TMI alert: when I wake up in the morning, it feels like there's a ton of "stuff" that needs to be hawked out of my throat. Gross. I see my doctor tomorrow... I will mention it then. Thank you!


Stressed - September 27

I would mention it for sure as it could be thyroid related.


name - September 28

Possibly allergies causing sinus drainage. My whole pregnancy I've had tongue sores (painful bumps on my tongue).


missy046 - September 28

Thank the Lord, I have not had any serious colds/viruses this pregnancy but with my last one I was on antibiotics several times for re-current sinus infections that lead to chest colds.


emfine99 - September 28

I had one not too long ago and it lasted a couple of weeks. I figured it could be because of the weather and where I'm inside all the time in the air conditioning. I then changed my air filter and it went away so it could be something to do wit hthe dust and stuff in the air. I now have some kind of flu, but that doesn't sound like what you have if it's lasted several months.



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