Sorry TMI Vaginal Discharge

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Mercury - May 30

I'm 31 weeks and for the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing this discharge. It's white but more of a yellowish and I know that it's normal to have discharge in the last stages of pregnancy. I've just passed it off as a yeast infection and planned to talk w/my doctor about it on Thursday the 1st of June. Well tonight I had a BM and experienced some straining, well when I wiped there appeared a white/yellow/greenish clump (looked similar to the consitancy of soaking wet hunk of toilet paper, it wasn't t.p. though) about the size of a dime, not too sure what it was.....that's what's got me so freaked..........could that be yeast infection? Could it be something more serious? I'm going to call my dr in the morning and see if they can get me in earlier than thursday. Any opinionsthat might ease my mind until then would be more than appreciated.


ashley - May 30

by the way I had a bm last night and though I didn't strain it almost hurt and felt like cramping during and since then I have been wiping this globby snotty c___p.


Mercury - May 30

Well the reason I just pa__sed it off as a Y.I. was because of the number of them that I've had this pregnancy........ yes it has itched down there (not for the past couple of days though), that was also a reason I pa__sed off as a Y.I. and I also figured it was because of having to wear a panty liner and It doesn't smell, except for a sweaty smell. It didn't look like cottage cheese this time at all. It reminded me of a piece of toilet paper that had been soaking in water, sorry I can't think of anything else to describe


Mercury - May 30

I feel like such a goof, this will be my 3rd child and ya know how they say every pregnancy is different.....they ain't kiddin'. I feel like I should know what's going on, but after 8 years, ya kinda tend to forget somethings........


dee23 - May 30

sry to take over...but im getting abit of the cottage cheese thing, yes its smelly and wet ....i DONT want the doc to fish around down there.....anyone know how to treat it..whatever it is? without going to the doc so they can shove there hands up me.


krista-lee - May 30

dee - im pretty sure the doctor has to perscribe a special cream, or you can buy one at a pharmacy. mercury - sounds like a bit of the mucus plug pa__sing : ) you would be able to tell the difference if it was a yeast infection : )


torbman - May 30

Mercury, isn't that a bit of your mucus plug? It sounds like it. I was on another question the other day and there were ladies that lost there plug but still delivered around there due dates. I kind of thought that when you lost all of it that you had the baby within two weeks, but I guess not so. I to am on my third and it was 8 years ago for me that I had my last, so I totally know what you mean about them being different. Take care, hope this eases you a bit.



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