Sorry I Know It Is TMI Can You Help Me

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kades_momma - January 15

I am a little over 36 weeks pregnant and yesterday I had menstrual like cramps all day long and it ached in my back, and it felt like I had to go #2. Then today when I go pee there is little goobery greenish yellow things.And then some slimy greenish yellow stuff. I was induced with my first child at 38 weeks and never experienced this. Could this possibly be my mucus plug.Doctors office is closed today. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks -Kari


Lala - January 15

Do you mean the mucus came with your urine or isit from your v____a?


kades_momma - January 15

It was on the toilet paper when I wiped when I went pee.


Lala - January 15

Well, probably from your v____a. And I'd say I really could be your plug. I lost mine on Thursday evening. When I wiped it came out of the v____a like a long rope. Petty thick. It was probably 5 inches long when it broke. Then later that evening, I had some more. pretty gross really! The day before, Wed morning, the doc had stripped my membranes, so I'm hoping that made me dialate more, and that's what let the plug go.? Take care!


DDT - January 15

I've been seeing gobberish bits of greenish/yellowish CM for about 2 wks now when I wipe. I believe its the mucus plug. Mine hasn't come out in one long string as Lala's has but rather in bits. I've noticed I'll have more on days where BH contractions have been frequent. I go to the doc today so will ask her. I'm 35 wks.


HEATHER - January 15

have you had s_x recently? Last time around after 36 weeks when I would have s_x I would have what you are describing, actually I thought I went into labor 2 different times cause the cramps got really strong, but it was just strong BH's.


kades_momma - January 16

Thanks girls for all the info! Nope no s_x here. I go to the doctor wednesday so I will be sure to ask her. Thanks again!-Kari


amybaby2 - January 16

that sure sounds like the mucus plug... good luck, and keep us posted!!!



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