Spastic Shaking Fetal Movement

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Carly67 - February 22

I will be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and this is my fourth. I felt something wierd today, my baby is extremely active all the time but I was laying on my side in bed and very close to my belly button there was a sudden very quick spastic and shaking movement that the baby made for a quick few seconds. I do not recall this in any of my other pregnancies. With my second child early on I had this kind of spasm that I am sure was a muscle spasm because I was very early in the pregnancy and the baby could not be felt moving then but it felt as if I had a small lap dog in my belly and it would lunge out. I told my OB at the time and he did not know what to make of it and then it went away after a while so I put it down to having muscle spasms and he was born fine. Now this I never felt before and is definitely the baby. I go to the Dr. tomorrow so I will ask him but just wanted to know if any of you had ever experienced this.


jessica72 - February 22

Absolutely and often. My baby normally does the typical "alien rolls" across my belly and little jabs and thumps, but once in a while, I'll feel it do a little seizure like movement. My u/s tech said it's the baby practicing breathing and maturing their lungs. He said they want to see this and sometimes it's strong enough to be felt. Sounds good to me, but definitely bring it up to doctor. I've never heard about a baby moving too much being bad. Hugs :)


Carly67 - February 22

I am not worried at all about the baby moving too much it is just that this was not a roll or anything but really like a spastic seizure like feeling that lasted only a few seconds.


lolita - February 22

I think I have felt that too, I think its okay if it doesn't last longer than a few seconds and the baby goes back to its normal movement.


Tammy276 - February 23

I just asked my doctor about this on Tuesday at my appointment because I feel those kinds of movements all the time...the way I explained it to her was a "spastic type movement like she is having a kickboxing match in there"....its not her normal rolls, kicks, punches. She said it is completely normal and that the baby is having a "startle reaction" when they are born and they kick both their legs out and arms out at the same time...or like getting woken up from a deep sleep you kinda "jump"....I was worried about it too, but after reading a few posts on here, now I know I am not the only one that feels this!!


conniebearzy - February 23

I had this around 36 weeks. Talked to my midwife about it and she said sometimes babies muscles are growing so rapidly and things are happening so rapidly they have muscle spasms and twitches. She said just like in teen years with growing pains, not much to worry about but always a good idea to double check with your provider.


crystal74 - February 23

my baby does this too, i'm glad to hear that it's normal. the dr. told us he was practicing breathing at our ultrasound last week.


mary b - February 23

I have felt spaztic movements too, it scared me at first but my OB said it was fine....


Carly67 - February 24

I saw my OB yesterday and he was not at all concerned about the movement, he just asked did he go back to his regular movement after that and I said yes. He did not feel it was anything t be concerned about.



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