Speakig Of BH

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jennifer_33106 - November 18

I am barely entering the 3rd trimester. How do I know that I am having them.. Or will I just know?


jenna32 - November 18

Good question. I read all the time that they feel like menstrual cramps,sometimes with pain reaching to your back and your stomach gets real hard. But i also read some people don't feel them. I'd go with the menstrual/back pain thing myself, i'll decide what they feel like after i go into labor lol.


Brendansmom - November 18

If they are strong enough you should feel them. Your belly will be as hard as a rock for about 30 - 60 seconds. Some are more uncomfortable than others. Sometimes mine feel like my lungs are tightening and it's hard to take a breath. I never had real contractions during my first pregnancy, but I guess the difference is BH are uncomfortable vs. real ones that are painful.


jennifer_33106 - November 18

Oh ok. Thanks! Do most all pregnant women get them? Or is it like 50/50? When do they typically start in a first time pregnancy? I sometimes have a pressure in my lower abdomen that feels uncomfortable but my stomach dosent tense and I dont get short of breath. They feel like very very dull Menstrual cramps. i wish I could describe it better. Does that sound like BH or just another ailmetnt of pregnancy?


jenna32 - November 18

it sounds like bh to me, but i'm no expert this is my first pregnancy to. Not everyone gets them,it is sort of 50/50. They can start very early, but are usually more common in your last weeks of pregnancy. But look out for signs of pre-term labor. I've been getting this on and off the last couple weeks to.


jennifer_33106 - November 18

Is that a symptom of pre term labor!?


Buffi R. - November 18

Don't worry too much about pre-term labor unless the pains increase in frequency and intensity. If you seem to get a lot in a row (more than 4 in an hour) call your doctor, but they'll probably tell you to drink fluids, lie down and see if they subside. One of the major differences between BH contractions and the real ones is BH will go away with a change in position and hydrating yourself, while the real ones won't get better no matter what you do.


DDT - November 18

BH's are more than anything else a tightening of your belly. You will feel it go hard like a rock for a few secs to a few mins. In the 3rd tri I had a few BH's that took my breath away and I couldn't walk through it. You will know when you have once. You will feel the sensation spread all through your abdomen. Some people have lots, some have a few and some never have one. And then there are those who don't even notice they are having them. I think the intensity of BH's differs with every woman...but I sure as hell knew when I was hvaing them. The symptoms you describe could be BH's but they could also just be"normal" pregnancy pain and cramping. This will only get worse the further along you get. Things to watch out for pre-term labour would be leaking fluid, BH's or contractions that you can time and have a pattern to them, bleeding red blood ect. You can look online for more info or from your hospital (they usually have pamphlets).


jennifer_33106 - November 19

Thanks guys!! It is good to know what to look for. Havent had any yet I dont think so thankfully I wont freak out when it does!



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