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missy046 - October 7

So if no one minds I need to vent a little. I am 32 weeks with my 2nd child. Where I go you are supposed to see all the doctor's because you don't know who you will get during delivery. Well, with my first child it was great. The doctor's were great and I became attached to one who followed my progress closley and delievered my daughter via c-section after FTP. This time around that doctor no longer practices there. In 32 weeks I have been there about 9 times and have only seen 2 doctors. My next appointment is once again with a PA who told mem she would start doing checks at 36 weeks. So when do I get to see a doctor. Not to mention my appointment before this last one was with a nurse pract_tioner who told me that she should be hearing the babies heart beat higher in the abdomen as I get further along (she was hearing it very low but I am a bigger person). This worried me for two weeks thinking the baby was not growing. At my last apointment the PA told me that the other women was wrong (she pretty much said that women didn't know whatshe was doing) and that if the heart beat was high it would mean the baby was breech. So I feel totatally lost and uncomfortable at this office. There is only one doctor there that I remotly like. Unfortuantly on Nov 1st I have to switch insurance providers which means a different hospital all toghether. This other insurance co will cover where I am at now after some paper work is done but I am starting to wonder if changing around 35 weeks would be a bad idea. I really do not like this office I am at (which is part of the hosptial). Has anyone ever switched at 35 weeks? I just have this unsettleing feeling. I also have a feeling, call it intuition if you will, that I will go into labor early. Oh and my due date is Dec 2nd but they really want me to have a c-section the last week of November.


Jilloh - October 9

my sister in law changed at a little over 20 weeks with no problem I realize that you are a few months beyond that, but it never hurts to ask. Find a doctor that is reccomended at a hospital that your new insurance covers. They will probably want to see your medical records from your current doctor before accepting you this late in the game, but it's worth trying. The worst anyone can say is no, good luck!


foxxy mommy - October 10

if you are uncomfortable i woudl say go ahead and change, but go to the new office alreay make yourself heard and tell them what you didnt like about the office your at now. that way when you get there, they will know and take care of you! most docs offices just want their patients to be happy, so let them know what will make you ! happy and what will not. good luck xoxo -christy


AntsWife - October 10

Switch! Your comfort level with your doctor makes all the difference. I switched doctors, but it was much earlier in the pregnancy- best thing I did. I honestly believe that if I had one inkling that there was something I didn't like about this doctor, I'd switch again and I'm due the same day as you. Good luck!



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