Speed Labor Quickly

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buterflyno3t - September 25

how can i speed up labor s_x donnot work for me what about castor oil and how fast does it speeds up


name - September 25

Nipple stimulation. Tug on your nipples as if you are nursing a baby. It makes your uterus contract. I had my daughter 12 days early by doing this for 2 days.


whatisgoingon - September 26

I am a first timer, due Dec 26th. I have "read/heard" that unless your body is ready to give birth that it doesn't matter what you do it won't work. In saying that scientists still don't know what exactly 'triggers' women to go into labour & how our body knows when bub is ready. I think I would probably give nipple stimulation/s_x a good work out at the end, as I know come around 37wks onwards in the summer heat here I will be really uncomfortable and ready to see my little man. I am already so excited and I am not very good at suspense/surprises so it's hard already! he he. :) - "Name": how often over the two days did you use nipple stimulation? Did you have any other signs of labour about to begin prior to or during the nipple stimulation? Thanks! :)


aliciavr6 - September 26

Castor oil didn't do anything for me, plus I'll never do it again, it globs up in your drink and you can feel it go down your throat. It's absolutely disgusting. ha


angie m - September 26

Whatisgoingon is right. Unless your body and baby is ready there really isn't anything you can do to get labor started. With my first I just went into labor at 38 weeks. Not trying anything to get things going. I was only 17 and kinda scared of the whole thing so I was careful to try and keep him in. With my second my hubby and I, well you knowed, the day I hit 37 weeks. I started having contractions so I got up and walked back and forth in my hall but they stopped. Then the next night we did the same thing and the contractions continued and I had her the next morning. With my 3rd he wouldn't come out tell he was good and ready no matter what I tried. S_x, dieters tea (supposed to do kinda the same thing as caster oil) LOTS of walking all over town every night, more s_x, more tea. Nothing could get him to come out. Finally 5 days before my due date and after I had giving up trying to get him to come out I had bloody show one morning so I got up and did my hall walking and 5 hours later had him in my arms. So I truly believe you can try all the stuff you want but unless your little one is ready he/she wont budge. Not sure I help but good luck and I hope your little one is ready very soon. : )


name - September 26

whatisgoingon - I didn't have any signs of labor ahead of time. I had been dialated to a 1 for about a month, but no contractions or anything else. First day, I did the nipple stimulation for no longer than 2 hours (while I watched a movie). That evening I felt period like cramps. I did it again for less than 2 hours the next day, then that night I had only did it for 15 minutes or so and I was ready for labor (my contractions got stronger). I continued to do it while I was at the hospital, but not very much.


skittlez - September 27

Please don't try the castor oil. I have been contracting and everything for around a month steady. I tried the castor oil thing a few days ago and let me tell you, even at 3cm and 80% effaced, it did nothing! The only "helpful" thing I guess you could say came out of it was the fact that it sure did clean out my system for a while. If I were you I would just try walking (A LOT), masturbation, nipple stimulation, and accupressure. Also keep in mind that if none of these work, then you're probably just in slow labor and it isn't ready to speed up yet. Hope this helps!



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