Speedy Induction

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sbyrd - January 23

I am being induced on Feb. 16th and I am trying to find things that I can do to speed up the process. Sex, walking, nipple stimulation are the obvious things to do. But please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thankyou!!!


jldaniels - January 23

I'm in the same boat. Actually no one has even discussed inducing me so at least your fortunate to have that day to look forward too. I know of a lot of people who try certain things that work for them but don't work for others. I've started dilating and have had s_x every other night for 2 weeks and nothing. I'm going walking on a 2 mile trail today after work. A friend of mine swears by nipple stimulation. I thought of trying it but it does have its risks. My mother swears by caster oil. I have not tried that and have heard it is very nasty tasting. I have considered it though as a last resort if I don't go soon. I used an herb called Blue Cohosh with my oldest daughter. It worked good. I was not even dilated and started taking it and three days later had her, however, there is a lot of contraversy as to the safety of it now and although part of me thinks "This has been used for centuries by indians and mid wives with no problems except the two I read about online but no exact link to the herb" the other part is still like "I don't want to risk it just in case". Let me know if you find something for you that works.


Danielle19 - January 25

i had to be induced twice, but the second time i had my doctor break my water right before we started the pitocen so she broke it i started pitocen about 11 am and i had my son at 3 07p.m after 57 mins of pushing so you could ask you doc to break your water


nounou159 - January 25

Hi,i heard from a doc that parsley works good to speed up the process,she said that the pregnant woman must eat a lot of parsley in her last week or put it with the salad,actually i am still 34 weeks so i didn't try it yet but i will in my last 2 weeks and if it not works it will not hurt and its very healthy,if any one try it before or will try it please tell me how it works



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