SPIDERS Eeewwwwwwww HELP

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r1209 - September 20

Ugh I absolutely HATE spiders... They make me cringe just thinking about them. And unfortunately for me, the area I live in has them all over the place outside! Black widows, brown widows, and other sorts... My brother has killed numerous black widows and a brown widow in our mailbox! I can't really tell them apart because I am too damn scared to go near them. But the ones my brother has killed he's shown me the hourglass on their stomachs... Well today I was putting the last of my baby's clothes in the closet and I had them resting in his bassinet so I could grab them easier. When I got down to the last two shirts I saw a brown spider (not sure what kind) and a baby spider on one of his shirts! I am so stressed out right now. I'm not sure what's safe to use to kill them. I also have two kitties that I am worried about. I'm 38 weeks 3 days today and I don't want to be bringing my newborn home to spiders... I'm really ticked off because there were two in what he's supposed to be coming home to sleep in after the hospital! I don't know what to do! Help!


afireinsideamanda - September 20

do you mind my asking where you live so i remember NEVER to go there?? IM TERRIFIED of spiders i scream at little non poisonous babies!!!! if i were you, id call a professional pest man...honestly, i dont mean to make things worse but that IS SOMETHING to be stressed about. its a serious danger to not only you, your poor kitties, and whoever else is in the house,but especially to that baby!!!!


jennifer_33106 - September 20

Hey there we have a spider problem too at our house. He are always killing black widows and brown recluses (sp?) We are having someone come spray for us cuz e have a puppy and me being pregnant. I would definatly call an expert and soon before you go into labor. GL!


sarah21 - September 20

Ditto. My pastor and his wife moved out of their house because they had scorpions all the time and had a new baby. Ick!!


WP - September 20

Brown widows? Wow, I've never heard of those before. How unsettling for you. I'd get a professional in - even if it means peace of mind for you. I'm up in Can, so most of our bugs are dying off (or trying to come indoors). I guess you're not in a cold climate?


lissica - September 20

First of all...eww! I hate spiders with a pa__sion. I'm not sure if there are any sprays that are "safe" to use but i bought some Raid for spiders the other day. It comes in a spray can and kills on contact. I found after about an hour the odour went away and wow it works amazingly.


Pearl - September 20

I would either bomb the house (that's what we do in my area to kill the Hobo Spiders---It's quick, easy & efficient) or call someone to do it. The way we have to do it is to cover everything with sheets and blankets, then let a bomb off (looks like a spray can) and leave the house for twelve or so hours. On the way out we do the outer perimeter. We do this every fall. When we get home we just open the windows and let the house air out for a few hours and wash all of the sheets we used to cover the furniture. It takes up a day, but it works! Good Luck!


docbytch - September 20

OMG r1209 you sound EXACTLY like me. I can't even bear to TALK about them. You poor girl!!!!! Spiders are....heinous! Another thing you can do in addition to bombing the house is to have your spouse go around the entire perimeter of your place with industrial strength bug spray and lay crystals down. We had a summer about 2 years ago where I was fit to be tied...I had to literally sleep mummified because we kept finding spiders all throughout our room and in our BED. Dh did as I described and the difference has been huge. I make him redo it every six or so weeks. Now if you are over 38 weeks....I might suggest you have DH deal with this matter...have the both of you stay somewhere else temporarily....get your house bombed....stay OUT for a while (take your kitties with you too!! Kitties will eat spiders...which could be bad if the spider is poisonous)...and don't go back until the house is WELL aired out. I am VERY sorry you have to deal with this....I myself grew up in the land of Black Widows....now I live in WA state where there are spiders but not as many and not all year round. Good luck!!


BBNo2 - September 20

Wow, am I glad I live in Canada! We don't have spiders like that up here, some that get kind of big but none that are that dangerous! One lady found a blackwidow in some grape up here and it made the national news! I can't imagine having them around daily. We mostly have little jumping spiders and I don't like them much anyway! I would get rid of them any way I could or move up here! Our dollars are worth the same now and NO DEADLY SPIDERS!


r1209 - September 20

LOL. I wish I could move. I would do anything to keep my baby and pets from them... But that's just not in sight any time soon. In the meantime, DH got some spray and my brother recommended a high pitched noise machine (?) that keeps pests and rodents away from the house. I'm not sure how that would go over with the kitties though. I live in south Florida, so it doesn't get really cold down here, which means I have them year round. :-( Thank you guys though for all your advice!! DH is going to call pest control if the spray doesn't work. I personally think they would probably know how to be safer with a newborn...


r1209 - September 20

Also, do you guys thinking bombing the place would be safe being pregnant and all? I know we wouldn't be there during it, but wouldn't there be some sort of residue? That's also another good option, my parents used to do that at their house.


docbytch - September 21

I'd say cover everything up and bomb the hell out of the place. Go somewhere else to stay for a few days...take your kitties too...have your spouse deal with any residue hanging around after (give the place a chance to air out first) and then you should be able to go back safely. But the first thing I would do is check with your doc to see if it;s okay to do in the first place. Good luck!


Tory1980 - September 21

And I thought we had problems with spiders here! I nearlly died when someone said bomb the house - I thought that might be a lt_tle extreme whether you liked spiders or nt until I read what they meant! LOL! I wouldn;t definitely get someone in to kill them off or do what was suggested and bomb the place! All I can say is raher you than me!!


Pipa - September 25

I've asked a pest control guy about spiders and they said there's not really a way to spray for spiders. Your best bet is to lay out those glue traps, they work pretty well. I'd also keep the ba__sinet pulled away from the wall to make it harder for them to get in. Also, if it has a skirt I would get it off the ground. My friend is having trouble with this right now, their little girl has spider bites on her face, thankfully nothing poisonous!



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