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missy046 - November 29

So I know this should probably go under the c-section topic but it seems this is where most of the replies are. Anyway, has anyone ever had both an epidural and a spinal with different pregnancies. My first I had an epidural and it hurt very badly. I have a scheduled c-section on Friday to which I will get a spinal. It just reminds me of a spinal tap that you see on TV (as far as the pain goes) and I am really starting to freak about this whole thing. I kept waiting for this day and now that it is right around the corner, I am paniced. And what about pain medications. My doctor said the spinal will ware off in 3-4 hours but I remember with the epidural you could not have narcotics for many hours so then how do they control the pain. I don't handle pain well. I was induced with the first one so the epidural came as a relief of pain. But now I am going in without that kind of pain so I am really really scared. I just want to run and hide. Can anyone offer any advice and/or experiences. Thanks and God Bless.


jessieb - November 29

I have only had one, a spinal. I got a spinal when I delivered my daughter two weeks ago. From what I know, the procedure of getting the injection is all but identical. The entry point is just two vertebrae different between an epidural and spinal. Instead of a continual drip of drugs, it is just one shot with the spinal. I hope it helped a little bit. good luck!


mrssolo - November 29

I had an epidual with my first son almost 9 years ago. I had a spinal with my twins on Sunday. The procedure felt about the same but I really felt nothing from my chest down with the spinal for about 2 hours. They soon after started giving me pain meds via IV drip. for the procedure and the first 24 hours I had no pain at all. once the spinal wore off and they reduced the pain killers the pain was great. Sorry to say that. It has definately been harder to recover from the c-section. While the delivery was easier. Don't worry too much about it. Once you have baby it makes it all worth it. Trust me on that.


Krissy25 - November 30

Missy i had an epi for my c-section and they kept that catheder in for 2 days and administered pain medicine that way. I don't know if they do the same thing with a spinal.


sahmof3 - November 30

>>>I had an epidural in my first labor that ended in an emergency c-section. I barely felt it because my ctxns were so bad that nothing else compared lol. I was offered Percocet when the epi started wearing off and I started to have pain. I was afraid to take it since I was bfing and thought the less drugs the better. OY! Bad idea. The pain got so bad that when I did decide to take them they had a hard time "catching up" with the pain.>>> With my 2nd I had a spinal. It just felt like a small pinch. I'm pretty sure I was able to take some pain meds orally as soon as the spinal was wearing off. Didn't really need them before that time because I stayed pretty numb and happy while they were still in my system. >>>My 3rd was under general anesthesia, so that experience doesn't help you too much lol. I think my body wanted to see just how many types of c-sections it could have LOL.



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