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mayaB - May 4

Once again ladies, please tell me how to get this baby out!! I'm 38 weeks and time is flying by so so so slowly. How do I coax him out? I'm going to start redoing all that I've done. s_x, pineapple, walking, nipple stimulation, . oh please someone tell me how to get him out!! :)


Tillie - May 4

I think the answer is--wait. You haven't even hit 40 weeks yet! Just what you don't want to hear, but really, when you're baby's ready to come out, he will. Enjoy your last days of sleep and eating cheesecake!


mayaB - May 4

I know I know!!! I will wait, but how can I help him along in the process? I'm not talking about induction. I mean what will help him out? softening the cervix with excercize, pineapple and s_x to soften as well. stuff like that.. Things that might make it happen a couple days earlier!! :)


LW - May 4

d__n, now I want cheesecake! ;-) LOL


mayaB - May 4



tlew - May 4

Did someone say CHEESECAKE ??


Alycia - May 4

Red raspberry leaf tea can help - my midwife has me drinking 4 cups a day (I'm due in four days). I make a big batch in the morning and drink it as iced tea - it's pretty tasty that way, although I'm not fond of it hot. She also advised me to take 500 mg evening primrose oil orally four times a day and I'm inserting a capsule v____ally at night. These methods will NOT induce you, but they do help prep your cervix and focus your contractions a little better. Keep in mind that even with all this, your baby probably won't be coming early!


livdea - May 4

what kind of cheesecake are we talking about ladies!??


CyndiG - May 4

Is it strawberry cheesecake with lot's of sauce?????? MMMMM!!!


bean - May 4

MayaB - when you get the answer to your question - please let me know. I'm 41 weeks and still no baby, and yes, I have tried EVERYTHING at least 8 times.


Tjane - May 4

Im sorry the cheesecake has high jacked your thread, but I saw cheesecake and had to call and order some from Steak Out... Sorry and Good luck..... Good luck to you too Bean, I am 29 weeks and miserable already.....


Tess - May 4

mayaB- Im 38 wks tomorrow and Im also sked to be induced at 6am. The main reason we're doin that is bcoz if I continue on I might get toxemia plus my uric acid was very elevated during my last appt (5/03) We would've wait til next wkend 5/13 but Dr. thinks I should have this baby soon (hes concerned about my health and also baby health) Have you talk to your Dr. about induction? or Are you just waiting it out?


mayaB - May 4

I go in to be monitored the 10th and he is considering inducing me because of the size of the baby. No other reason. I would like to get this baby out w/out chemicals though.. we'll see.


Allie - May 4

what's better than cheesecale? Go to Coldstone Creamery and get their cheesecake ice cream, with strawberries and graham cracker crumbs, all in a waffle cone...yum!


livdea - May 4

maya, I too am sorry that we are all on a cheesecake binge now...I'm sure its annoying BUT if it helps any, every time I come to this thread it makes me smile and laugh and seeing as though I've been so emotional lately, that's been hard to do!! I do hope you have your little one soon so you aren't uncomfy!! I don't have any advice though...and I don't think cheesecake would help... :)


angelbebe - May 4

Okay, I was doing okay with the cheesecake comments, but you had to mention Coldstone Creamery!! AHH!


Renee-Marie - May 4

Mmmmmmm Cooooooold Stoooooone.....



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