Ssmith S Baby Story

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ssmith - May 2 turn to share!! At 13 days over due...I was induced. Labor started at 1pm, and I had 6.5 natural labor. Then things all went to into my back. Back labor is 1000X's more painful than normal I had to get an epidural. Dilation was going very slowly though....maybe 1cm after 7hrs!! By midnight, I was only 3cm dilated. I was getting frustrated and concerned about the baby...even though the baby was tolerating everything just fine! Then at about 2:30am...the back labor came back full force...despite the epidural!! I was scared because I figured I was only 3cm dilated at midnight...I still had HOURS to go. The Dr. checked me at 3am, and I was 10 cm!! Talk about super fast progress!! I pushed for 54 minutes and baby CAITLIN ELEANOR was born. Thursday April 27, at 3:54am....9lbs 3.5 oz!! She was absolutely gorgeous from the minute she came out, didn't even have a cone head! I've never seen a more perfectly gorgeous baby in my life. Now, at 5 days old...she seems very content and relaxed. I have been struggling with horrible emotional imbalances, and have been VERY teary. Talk about overwhelmed. I am feeling better now, and the br___tfeeding is going much better too...which helps. I will miss this forum....I've received so much great support from you ladies! Congrats all....


livdea - May 2

Congrats on your baby girl! YAY! Oh and I LOVE the middle name Eleanor! Its my all time favorite! Good luck!


miraclebaby - May 2

Congrats to you , 14 days over wow, that stinks, at least she was healthy. Good luck and congrats again.


Jilloh - May 2

At 4 days postpardum it was my worst day--I cried-teary teary tear. My son had to be put on bili lights. I was so scared. Good luck--mine will be 1 month old tomorrow!


ssmith - May 2 3 was my worst day. I don't think I stopped crying the whole day (and night!) The thoughts in my head were horrible. Congrats on your liitle guy! How's life with bebe after 1 month?


Tess - May 2

congrats! i can't wait to be my turn!! i have my 38 wks appt hopefully im more dilated than last wk.


3babies - May 2

HI ssmith congratulations! Good sized bub too! I know that emotional rollercoaster only too well, but just accept it for what it is ... hormones and dont let it worry you about not bonding or depression etc ... it is purely our hormones going crazy at a time when your body (and life) is going through so many changes. It will get so much better ... really!


meme - May 3

Yay, ssmith! Congratulations! :) I had mine two days after you had yours, btw. It's so great! Wow, over nine pounds! You're burly! lol


ssmith - May 4

Thanks everyone. It's amazing to actually talk about my baby after being on this forum for so many months talking about pregnany stuff. Wow...Where are you all going to talk about newborn stuff,,,what forum? I wanna come too!!


sphinxminx - May 7

congrats, what a beautiful name..... enjoy your bundle, and take care of yourself.


Evonna - May 7

Congratz on a healthy baby girl! = ]


mama3 - May 8

Congrats on you new baby. Love the name too!!!



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