Stabbing Pain In Cervix

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amanda - December 26

I am 35 weeks and sometimes when I stand up or walk I get these sharp pains in what feels like my cervix or pelvic floor. They stop me in my tracks. Anyone know what this is?


Heather - December 27

No, but I am having the same thing. I am 37 weeks, and this has been happening for a week or so to me, too. My Dr said it could be the baby getting lower into the birth ca___l and hitting the pelvic floor, or pinching a nerve... but she wasn't sure. I would love to know what it is, too!!


Sarah - December 27

I'm getting the same thing also. I am 35 weeks and this started about a week ago, suddenly. I actually noticed it when I was sitting and then when I stood up, oh boy!! I've been getting them ever since. It really scared me at first but I asked my aunt (who had 7 kids) and she said that the baby probably dropped and that was the baby pushing on my cervix (pelvic floor). She said she went into labour approx. 2 weeks after this started happening to her but of course everyone is different. I really hope this isn't the case. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow but I would really like to make it to my due date which is Jan. 26.


Ginny - December 27

I am 37 weeks and have been feeling it for about ten days or so. It hurts! It usually makes me yelp or gasp a little - which has done a lot for my high-strung husband! Now that it's getting close, he's beginning to think that every gasp or unusual noise I make is a sign of labor. I now just try to squelch it, even though it hurts, because his poor nerves are so frazzled.


chrisy - December 27

While I was walking around Babies R US I felt like my baby or something was falling out of me, it didn't hurt just felt weird. I have been having pains like period like pains as well, I heard drinking alot of water, which I don't do will help the pains. Last night I was a little worried because I had these pains 3 times within the night and it hurt. I am 36 weeks pregnanct. Anyone else have this??


Sarah - December 27

Yea, it's the weirdest feeling, and I know what you are saying about trying to hide the pain from Hubby.....I know it's not labour but it sure does hurt! It's like you don't even want to straighten out completely or the baby might just fall out!!! I know my travel days are pretty much over until the baby comes. The countdown is ON!


dwc - December 28

I am 33 weeks and just started feeling cramps and pain in my pelvic floor and cervix. I was so scared to tell hubby because I know he will get worried. I don't feel it is pre-labor though. I was hurting so bad last night that I was slightly bent over and my dd started saying mommie lean back I don't want you to pa__s out, lol, this was so sweet she is 6 years old and is so attentive to me, she plays nurse maid alot when I am sick, or she feels like I may feel bad. She is so ready for her baby sibling to get here, I am too. If anyone finds out what these cramps are please let us all know.


Penny Rene - January 2

I'm only 32 weeks and have been experiencing this as well. Throughout my entire pregnancy I have this suspicion my baby will come early. I hope this is not indicative of that.


sarah513 - January 2

i am only 27 weeks and having this doc said it's normal but i dont think it really is for me this early... it just sounds like your pelvis is moving getting ready for the lil one to come out...


samyu - November 13

hi all. i am 21 weeks. i have severe pain in the pelvic area and couldn't sit on a chair.last night i couldnot move my legs to get down from my bed. i have posterior placenta dipping into lower 2cm from os. is this pain is any bad sign?.any help .Thanks


greenmommy - January 27

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and I just asked my midwife about this same thing last night. She said that the baby's head is pushing right against my cervix, which creates a lot of pressure, but when the baby turns his head from side to side it sort of grinds against the cervix/pelvic floor and creates a kind of electrical shock feeling.


taracarlton - January 30

Did she say if it would cause the baby to come early? I'm going to be 33 weeks tomorrow and my baby just dropped in the past few days. I'm starting to experience these same pains and I'm just wondering if it means that I could go into labor before my due date?



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