Stabbing Pains Up Crotch And Lump In Belly Fat

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crystal74 - February 6

is it normal to have stabbing pains up your crotch? i am going on 37 weeks and this happens when i'm walking. plus all of a sudden i noticed a lump in my belly fat below the baby. it even looks uneven and you can see that its a bump. i don't see my dr. till thursday next week.


xoxticiaxox - February 6

I kinda get that sometimes to! Do your kegels, and it should take the pain away, and the lump could be just the way the baby is pushing!


crystal74 - February 6

your right, i don't do my kegels. i forget. i need to get on that especially if it helps to reduce the sharp pains


xoxticiaxox - February 6

It does, very much so! lol and if you do your kegels you will have less chance of tearing or needing an episodomy during labour!


Tammy276 - February 6

the sharp pains you are feeling are probably the baby pressing up against the cervix or hitting a nerve... I am 33 weeks and have noticed this ever since she had turned head down.....if you feel a lump, it could be a hand or something sticking out........she does that with her feet all the time by my ribs and I have to push them back in so its not so uncomfortable!!


JenniferRose - February 6

I feel like an idiot, but what the heck is a kegel?


kamivy - February 6

Kegels are the exercises you do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It helps to keep the muscles toned which can help avoid incontinence later on in life (the sort of incontinence women get after childbirth) It's a big thing here in Australia, the nurses are always on at you to do your kegels! The way to do it is similar to if you were peeing and suddenly make yourself stop peeing midflow - the muscles you use to do that are your pelvic floor muscles and that's basically what you need to do (although not while peeing necessarily!) You can do them in bed, at the computer, at work etc...


crystal74 - February 7

well the bump isn't the baby. like i said it's in my fat that hangs off the bottom of my stomach. sounds gross i know but i got loose skin hanging below my belly and this bump is right inthe middle and now it itches. i will call labor and delivery when i get home and ask them if i should be concerned or not.


ShaunaLeigh - February 7

I get those stabbin pains as well... i hateeeee them... i get right paranoid cuz i dont remember gettin them when i was pregnant with my boys :S


crystal74 - February 7

well i called labor and delivery and explained about the lump, she asked if i had changed my soap or not. so maybe it's an allergic reaction cuz it itches really bad. but it's been there for a week and it's the size of a golf ball and it's like i can grab it as if i were picking up a golf ball. she told me that it doesn't sound like an emergency and to email my dr. and see what she says. so i did. now i'm just waiting for an email back


JenniferRose - February 7

Hey crystal, i wouldnt worry about it, i also have a small lump down on my lower part of my belly that formed a few weeks back, not as big as a golf ball, but atleast the size of a grape. I thought at first it was the baby sticking something out, but then found out at a doc's appt it was just a hard fat deposit that formed, and would go away on its own after the babys born. As for stabbing pains, ive occasionally had them in my crotch, but more over the past few days in my lower abdominem. They hurt so bad last night i thought i was in labor, ugh! I had my last doc's appt today, sense im "hopefully" getting induced on so glad to be done with going to weekly doc appt's, and getting weekly non-stress tests done. Im just praying my babys lungs r fully developed on tuesday so they can induce me, they say he's already 7 1/2 lbs, and i dont want a big baby!


crystal74 - February 8

jennifer - now that makes more sense than anything i've heard. once again, i am glad i'm not alone on this one. i thought maybe i was a alien or something. LOL. well still waiting to hear back from dr. i am excited for you to be enduced and have your baby. how far along are you again? i can't wait to have mine. i'm so done being pregnant, stick a fork in me


JenniferRose - February 8

Well today is 2/8/07, and i am 37 wks and 1 day, like i said our due dates were the same, my original due date was Feb 28th. Im so excited, i so hope i have a V-day baby. And about the lump, tell ur doc about me, he may even say the same thing, its just a small fat deposit. There actually similar to small lumps u get in ur b___sts that most women freak out about, but really all they are is fat deposits.


crystal74 - February 9

call me selfish but i wouldn't want to give up my valentines day for my kids b-day . that is my romantic day.


crystal74 - February 9

that sounds so bad, i have to clear it up. if baby comes on valentines day, i would make it a romantic little day with my little man. i would just rather he waited till the 15th. or even the 13th. LOL


crystal74 - February 11

jenniferrose - how exciting for you that your getting so close. have you been having contractions? i keep forgetting to do my kegels. i need a reminder. i'm going to mention to my dr. at my appt. on the 15th about the fat deposit. i believe that\s what it is. it just makes sense. but it was scary at first when i found it


JenniferRose - February 13

Just wanted 2 drop by and say hello, went in today to get my amnio test done...went horrible! They couldnt find any fliud, so there taking the chance and inducing me tomarrow, well they put that gel in me today, so far i havent gone into labor, im going to bed now so who knows what will happen through out the night! So looks like tomarrow ill have my lil man, i gotta be at the hospital at 730am, so wish me luck! Ill post my labor story when i get home. Good luck crystal!



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