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MJ - March 9

Is there anymore ways to natually start labor? Im 38 weeks and about 4 cm says I should have already gone into labor and he does not know why I wont. Ive tried rasp. leaf tea, s_x, castor oil, a little walking (not as much as i should) but is there any others that are supposed to work good?


Katie - March 9



Girl Gilly - March 9

I have heard that nipple stimulation works, however, it has to be for a couple of hours before it kicks in. By far themost fun is s_x. I am 37 weeks and ready to have this baby as well. I guess this is something in life we really can not control, darn it! Good luck to you!


heather - March 9

I know that when I was IN labour with my daughter...I got to the hospital and was 3 I had the hottest bath that I could stand...and 45 min later...I was 6cm...I don't know what would happen if there were no labour pains? Nipple stimulation, really does create strong sontractions, but castor oil, starts contractions...then only the runs


kats - March 10

hi try the birth ball, because sometimes long labours are due to baby being posterior i have been thru it before and when i tried the exercises and contraction became regular after half an hour and gave birth that same day.If you dont have a birth ball try these get on all fours and go around the room like this for 15 mins at a time ,second exercise get on your knees head on the floor and bum in the air and stay like that for a few minutes at a time lol just try that throughout the day.Like i said i tried these in my 3rd pregnancy and it really worked i hope it works for you.These were researched by me on the net at the time.


bean - March 10

Not to disappoint you, but my natural childbirth instructor said that nothing can get the baby out until she or he is ready to come out. However... red raspberry leaf tea strengthens the uterus and causes stronger, less painful contractions (but doesn't help bring on labor). S_x softens the cervix which helps in dialation (and can help bring on labor). Walking is the best - bloodflow, gravity, exercise can help bring on labor. Castor oil loosens the bowels and causes bowel contractions, which at times can trigger uterine contractions. And the doula said that nipple stimulation actually doesn't work... but it seems like everyone on this forum swears by it. So.... go for a long walk, come home to lots of long great s_x engaging the nipples as much as possible - have fun!


Drew - March 10

Nipple stimulation does cause the uteris to contract.....which is why lots of times b___stfeeding is highly reccommended after delivery. But, from what I've heard to be at all effective before delivery there has to be lots of stimulation, similar to a baby suckling. But castor oil is a huge no-no, because it can cause baby to pa__s meconium before birth. I think you just gotta wait till their ready!!


Chan - March 10

Personally I think all that stuff are myths. I think a baby comes when it is suppossed to. I know it's not fun waiting!!! I didn't have my baby until I was 41 weeks. At 36 weeks I lost mucos plug, and was dilated to a 2 and nothing until 41. Hang in there your baby will be here before you know it.



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