Start Of Labor Question

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Nita_ - June 21

This is my 1st baby - so not quite sure what to expect for labor..from what my midwife has said, she said i'd get menstrual kinda pains in my lower abdomin and they'll get intense and more frequent as the time goes by. Also read on posts here about braxton hicks, which go away if you move around etc. Well... usually before I was pregnant, when I close to getting my period my legs (calf muscles especially) start to hurt and then once my cycle starts I used to get the cramps in my tummy. Did anyone feel this way or have some other symptoms for when they had their periods? If so, how did the labor pains differ or were they similar? I'm soo confused! I've been getting occasional pains in my lower abdomin and come to think of it, they are worse when I lie down. The baby seems to be moving a lot/jumping up and down on my poor bladder! Or are these contractions prepping me for labor?


krista-lee - June 21

i also got pains in my legs and hips when i was on my period. and come to think of it, the pains in my legs and hips were really intense a few hours before my contractions started. when you get contractions, they will start mild, get worse, then taper off. you'll know its real labor when you get these evenly no matter what your doing.


angelbebe - June 21

How far along are you? I was having braxton hicks for weeks, but about 3 days before I went into labor they started to get a bit crampy. It was no longer then just a hardening feeling in my abdomen. The pressure felt a little lower. Honestly, I didn't really feel like I was starting labor until I was about 5-6 cm dialated, but mainly because they weren't all that close together. More spaced out, but mostly 10-15 minutes apart. It's true what they say that no matter what position you are in, they don't go away (if they are real labor contractions) and they get more intense over time. Suddenly you realize that you need to stop what you are doing because, ouch, that one was a lot of pressure!! I tried not to think of each contraction as more painful, but just more pressure. You will also feel the pain in your lower back, but I didn't feel that until well into labor. I called my midwife after I had crampy contractions for several hours in a row. I wasn't sure I was in labor, but after she checked me, it was clear I was progressing. All the pressure you are feeling now is a good sign. You must be close! The start of labor is vague, so it almost seems better to say that you are in early labor the last month of pregnancy and then at some point, the labor kicks in more. Good luck!


Nora1 - June 22

I am due in 1 week from today and am having tons of contractions and have been for a little while now. But last night, I was crampy ALL night long! I slept through most of it but I wonder if this is normal? I think I've gotten so used to these constant contractions that they don't wake me up anymore really. Any of you have this before labor? I am 2cm and 60-70%, as of 4 days ago. I think I'm slowly losing my plug now also.


Nita_ - June 22

thanks for your input ladies. **angelbebe** i'm 39 weeks and due on 26th, so yes, am pretty close! I was at my dr's yday and had my 1st internal. I was 2-3 cm dilated my midwife said. So there is some progress I suppose! good luck to all!


MelG - June 22

I'm due tomorrow and have been having crampy feelings for the past week. I thought it might be labor starting and went into my doctor's office only to find out that tha'ts not true labor (even though the cramps never go away no matter what I do). I feel like it's the worst case of PMS and is contantly with me. At this point, I'm puzzled by people who say labor feels like cramps because my OB said that's not it. It has to be much more intense.


haymay - June 22

I had always heard you can definately tell when you're in labor, and for me that was the truth. I went in 2 nights before I had her, with contractions that just felt like the braxton hicks I'd been having all along but they were regular...well I was kept overnight, and the contractions died off after 2 IV bags and some rest, and I never did dilate past the 1 cm I was already dilated, so they sent me home that next morning. I went to sleep for a couple hours and when I woke up I didn't feel quite right, and noticed I was having contractions again, but this time with some lower stomach cramping and quite a bit of painful pressure like the baby's head was pushing down. They were coming about every 5 to 7 minutes. But because of the false alarm I wouldn't let myself believe I was really in labor, even though as the day went on they got to be about 3 to 5 minutes apart and more and more painful. It's true, no matter what you do, lie down stand up walk around stand still they still keep coming...I lost part of my mucous plug early that evening, then more of it a few hours later mid-evening...I made myself take a shower, while my husband timed my contractions...I would have to stop every 3 minutes to breathe through a contraction. Finally I called the hospital about 9:30 that night and they said to come in, so I waited til 10:30 to go in, and sure enough I had been in labor all day and was at 4 cm when I went in. Then later on, closer to 6 to 8 cm, is when I started feeling the pain in my lower back and tailbone. To me contractions did not feel like period cramps, there was a definite difference....I've probably been no help to you at all, I'm sorry! All I can really say is at least in my experience, when you are in labor, you will know it. And don't feel funny about going in to get checked like I did if you are unsure...oh and also, my daughter's movements never slowed down, she squirmed and kicked through every single contraction, rest period, everything...she was even still kicking me in the stomach as her head was coming out! I had heard that during labor the baby's movements slow down, but that wasn't my experience. GOOD LUCK!!


haymay - June 22

I thought I'd add, I don't really think I was clear about this before...for me I could tell they were true contractions because of the feeling in my cervix of intense pressure that was painful.



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