Starting To Get Scared

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aubjenwat - September 25

Im due november 15, this will be my secound, my son is 18 months and this one is a girl, I have almost nothing for baby, we are in a very far from friends and family, so it will just be me hubby and son here when i have her, im so scared that something will happen, im just not ready, i dont know what to do, i dont even remember what i need!! Im scared=(


DeeD - September 26

Don't worry. It is like riding a bike...all the instincts kick in and it will all go well.


wantanotheraftertr - September 26

I know how you feel I haven't done this in 131/2 years! I still need alot I'm due Dec. 16th but do have family within 20 min. of me so I think it will help!


docbytch - September 26

Hey there. Don't feel bad...I think you may be overwhelmed by the prospect of having 2 very young children to deal with at the same time. If it son will be born in a little less than 2's been 21YEARS since I've cared for a baby. I am kinda freaked out myself despite the fact I know more now. If you look around carefully it should not be hard to find the things you need for baby secondhand...that is..if it's finances which are preventing you guys from getting baby stuff. WOW....babys are expensive!!


WP - September 26

I hear that, docbytch!


skittlez - September 27

I feel ya! I'm on my third pregnancy but this time, i'm 22 hours away from everyone in my family! I have my fiance's family but they seem like it's more trouble than its worth for some reason. With 3 little girls running around the house already, I know it's going to be a little rough. I didn't think that I was going to be having any more children so, what did I do? Got rid of all the baby stuff after my second and am now SOOOO regretting it! My fiance' will only get a week out of work and then it's all right back to me, 4 little girls to handle. You'll make it though, trust me.



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