Starting To Pack Questions

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al - December 28

I have some questions on what to pack because I feel like I have too much stuff and will need more than 1 bag! 1- Do I need to pack any diapers? I thought the hospital provided these? 2- Do I need to bring a baby blanket if I am using a bunting outfit for our departure? This is what I have packed so far- cameras, chargers, calling card, robe, socks, slippers, nursing bra, underwear, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair stuff, pads, hospital registration info....What am I missing?


Don't forget - December 29

They won't letcha leave the hospital without a proper car seat that meets all current safety regs.


JLO - December 29

however the carseat does not go in the bag:) just playing. seriously though i would recommend some change for the vending machine and some snacks and liquids that are ok by your doc for you to drink. Hospitals can provide with some but you dont want to have to make you SO go out to the cafeteria and leave you all alone. just a thought!


Jbear - December 29

You might want to take a baby blanket and cute outfit if you're having baby's picture taken in the hospital.


Michelle - December 29

i would bring diapers...we were required to. The towels at the hospital were like sandpaper, so you might enjoy bringing your own. Be prepared to ruin whatever you bring to the hospital, so if you have a favorite purse or something, I would leave it home. Bring a baby blanket for sure. Also, I brought a chaning pad for baby. We changed him on the bed, and if you are anything like us, the first diaper changes were quite messy! Good luck.


StephanieT - December 29

The cafeteria at our hospital only takes cash, no debit/credit cards. So we are packing some cash for it. The hospital may provide my food, but not DH. Don't forget the numbers to call once baby is born and the pediatrician. Maybe a notebook for any instructions that you are given when you leave.


al - December 29

how big is the bag you are going to bring? my small suitcase is getting full already and i haven't even finished packing! my robe takes up so much room!


Chrisy - December 29

Our childbirth cla__s recommended not wearing your favorite pjs or bringing a robe because it would get bloody. I think I am going to bring at least my own Pjs for when people come though. I am also bringing diapers just incase. Hm, I diaper changing pad, good idea.


Beth - December 29

Okay, I keep hearing, "oh that will get ruined, don't even bother" on several threads....and it's got me freaked out. How much friggen blood are we talking about? Everyone makes it sound like some horror movie with blood spraying from every orfice of your body. Is it not something that can be controlled by keeping up with pads?


Kaeli - December 29

I'm wondering the same thing as Beth... exactly how much blood are we talking here?


to all - December 30

I've read from several sources that average, post-partum (from the first moment to two weeks later) blood flow should only be about as heavy as your period & with the same kind of clots resulting (that is, not enormous ones; just small ones).



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