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BWIND - January 27

I have a bunch of bottles my friend gave to me? Is the dishwasher hot enough to sterilze them? Also, should I replace the nipples and not use the old ones?


Tracy88 - January 27

I have read that the dishwasher is NOT hot enough to sterilze bottles, etc.... There are sterilizers you can buy and they are not too expensive. The microwave ones were not highly recommended.


Tracy88 - January 27

I would replace the nipples for sure.


Jadejewels - January 27

I don't know about anyone else but I have always just boiled my bottles and they were always extremely clean and I thought that was sterilizing them as well....was I wrong?


DDT - January 27

Boiling is enough Jadejewels. I plan on rinsing with soapy water, boiling and then steaming with a microwave sterilizer. But when strapped for time I will just skip steaming. Babies have been around for centuries and mothers have gotten around without using all these gadgets that are out now. I know myself and my 3 siblings were raised from bottles that were boiled and we turned out okay.


Tammy276 - January 27

The only time I ever sterilized my sons bottles was when I first bought them..otherwise they just got hand washed after every feeding....some dishwashers have a setting on them for sterilizing which you could use for the bottles. Otherwise boiling is just fine...years ago, they didn't make sterilizers for bottles.


DownbutnotOUT - January 28

i just used a dishwasher for my third and had no problem at all for it gets really hot in there, I boiled bottles as well when we moved and we didnt have a dishwasher anymore and I never had a problem with either. I would definatly replace the nipples and dont forget to follow the instructions on sterilizing new nipples. :)


MB - January 28

Hi, i washed them in soapy water, then used a microwave steam sterliiser, it took 5 mins !! it was so easy. Definitely replace the nipples as they can get very worn.


cindernar - January 29

MB, I was going to recommend the steam sterilizer as well. Of course, it's not a necessity, as you can boil the bottles and get the same effect. But if you have an extra $30 or so, and time is a major factor (which it is for us), it's really a Godsend because it's very quick and easy to use. But I too would replace the nipples.


kerryv - January 29

your dishwasher is fine.


candaceann1 - January 29

Your dishwasher is fine, it gets alot hotter than you think it does.


jenn95 - January 29

i never sterilized anything, boiling water is fine in my opinion, what did people do before they invented sterilizers?



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