Still Have Not Had An Exam

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ashleyb0827 - January 31

i am 36 weeks, and I still have not had a va___al exam. i'm scheduled to have one next week ... but i was just wondering when everyone else had theirs and i know that my doctor is doing whatever he thinks is best, but ... why wait so long?!! i want to know what's going on down there!!!!!!!!!


sahmof3 - January 31

I had one at my first exams (1st exams each pregnancy) and later the only ones I ever had were when I hit my due date and every few days after (that was with my 1st baby, my next two were scheduled c-sections and I never got to my due date). I don't think they always do them because even if you are effaced and/or dilated some, it could still be weeks until the baby is born. Internal exams don't always give much info.


HEATHER - January 31

the midwifes dont do them till 38 weeks. last time I got checked at 36 weeks cause I was deciding if I should take a 3 hour away weeked for a wedding, I was dialated so i didnt go, but should have casue I went 16 days past my dd.


danimarie - January 31

I think my doctor does one at 37 or 38 weeks but then she really doesn't do one again because she says that some women can walk around at 2 cm 70% effaced for 3 weeks and nothing will happen and other women can be closed up tight and barely effaced at all and have their baby the next day, so she said it isn't really an indicator of whether you will go into labor soon so it's not that important to check. That's her view of it all....why have them look down there if it doesn't really tell anything anyway.


ashleyb0827 - January 31

thanks for the replies ... and the info. you're all very right ... i know it doesn't matter how dialated or effaced you are. but anyway ... i was just seeing everyone else talking about how effaced/dialated they were at like 32 weeks & I'm going "okay i don't even know what is going on at all!!!!" ... thanks !


Tammy276 - January 31

ashley, some woman know whats going on that early (32 w or around then) because something may have happened that caused concern to the doctor and they wanted to check........My doctor checked me because I woke up one morning w/ severe contractions for 4 hours, so she wanted to check me to make sure I didn't start dialating. Otherwise doctors normally don't check until around 36 weeks when they do the group B strep test, sometimes later.



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