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C - November 13

I am now 5 days overdue and beginning to think this baby will never come on it's own! This is baby #4 for me and 2 of my others were overdue, that I had to be induced. (which is painful and I wanted to avoid this time) Anyone have some ideas on natural ways to get things going? (not the cod liver oil - I refuse to try that)


Tati - November 13

Sorry to hear that but I have an idea how it feels, my sister was overdue nine days with her first and those nine days were as long as the whole nine months.I heared that a nice warm bath helps but sorry nothing that I know of. I just wish you the best when the time comes.Also my aunt had 8 children and all eight she was late at least a week or two. God Bless You.


kad - November 13

walk ,walk and walk some more, 3 of my friends went into labour within 24 hours of takeing a really long walk together. they were all full term one was 37 weeks tho and 2 had their babies on the due date that same night, i told my sister about it and she went for a really long walk on her due date and 7 hours later labour began she gave birth to a litttle girl after 10 hours of labour. ok sorry this is so long lol. hope i helped tho good luck


tanya - November 13

hi my sister had the same prob so ate fresh pinapple and went in the same night so it may be worth a try


Jane - November 13

Get together with hubbie! There is a chemical in s____n that helps the cervix to dilate..... Other than that, try spicy curries and raspberry leaf tea. Old wives tales say they work, but I can't vouch for them - I think bub comes along when bub is ready.... Good luck!


Lesley - November 13

I went 15 days over ith my 3rd baby. I tried everything exceot caster oil and nothing worked. I don't believe all these old wives tails about raspberry tea, spicey foods etc... The baby will only com when it's ready. I know exactly how you feel though. I was overdue with all 3 of mine. 14 days with my 1st, 9 days with my 2nd and 15 with my 3rd.


C - November 13

Thanks for all the cousin actually told me to try eating a pineapple, she said when she did - she want into labor that night!! So I will purchase one tomorrow:) AS for walking, I am at home and it is so cold out lately that I want to stay indoors! Maybe some shopping tomorrow will help too....anyways, I figure I must have a comfy uterus - they just don't want to leave!!! lol



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