Stomach Flu At 36 Weeks No Fun

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Tink - October 8

so sunday at 3am, i wake up with stomach pain. have severe diarehea and vomitting all morning- from 3am-7am basically. just lived in the bathroom. it was terrible. tried to keep down gatorade, nothing would stay down. then the contractions started. i haven't had any noticeable BH at all, but i did yesterday. i guess the violent vomitting i was doing set them off. they were irregular, but man were they painful. it would start in my back and sides and radiate to the front, be a sharp pain for 10-15 seconds and then pass. i just breathed through it. it was awful though to be in the midst of throwing up and have one. by 4pm, i was finally able to keep some fluids down and a few bites of applesauce. i never got a headache though, which is strange, cuz that is usually the dehydration sign. so i haven't slept the last 2 nights basically. the vomitting passed, but the diarehea remains. i think it is just the stomach flu and not the preterm labor type of diarehea or anything like that, since i had vomitting too. i almost went to the ER at one point, i was so bad. but i decided to wait it out. finally ate some mashed potatoes today and can keep down stuff now. i am just so weak. stayed home today. i just wouldn't wish that stomach flu on anyone, much less someone pregnant or so close to delivery. talk about wanting to die!! Will is fine though, since i have felt him moving just as normally as he usually does. i have my weekly appt thursday, so i'll let the doc know then. i am wondering if all those BH dilated me anymore or not. i was 1cm last week. i can't wait to feel normal again. anyone else get really sick towards the end?


inuk-mama - October 8

i have stomach flu right now and it's making me miserable!! 34 weeks for me. Terrible migraine for the past 2 days and I am keeping plenty hydrated with ginger ale and water but this migraine won't quit! I think I'll head up to the hospital after work tonight just to see what they say. I can't live like this anymore. I totally feel for you!!!!!!!!


docbytch - October 8

Oh Tink the stomach flu is horrible! It's horrible even when you are NOT pg. Stay home and rest. To hell with any deserve to rest up. I couldn't imagine being sick and this freaking pg. I am a wuss as it is.



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