Stomach Flu During Pregnancy

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CodyKatie5 - January 20

Hey ladies. I'm 33w5d and woke up at midnight last night with a nasty stomach bug. Sorry if it's TMI, but I puked 6 times in 6 hours. I'm at least able to keep things down now, and I ruled out food poisoning because my mom is here visiting and we ate the same foods yesterday and she feels fine (she also has a more sensitive tummy due to a gastric bypass surgery). I called OB triage at the hospital and nurse said it would have been more violent w/food poisoning. Have any of you ladies had a stomach bug during your pregnancy (obviously different than morning sickness)? Baby is still moving around, although I'm sure she's pretty hungry since I haven't had anything but a few bites of dry toast and vitamin water. Thanks for any responses.


countrymom - January 20

I had a terrible stomach and flu with my first pregnancy a couple of years ago. I had a fever of about 103. Do you best to drink water, even if you have to warm it a bit so it doesn't upset your stomach. I decided that I didn't want to take any chances and actually went to L&D when I had my bug. They took all kinds of tests and hooked me up to an IV.


newbaby2009 - January 21

Yep. When i was 10 weeks pregnant i got very violently ill. Throwing up and diarrhea BAD. They didnt know if it was food posioning or a bacteria fron the ocean. (i had just got home from vacation at the beach.) My fiance had it too, just not as bad. Anyway, i had it for over a week and lost 8 lbs and almost pa__sed out several times. I also went and received IV fluids just be on the safe side.


CodyKatie5 - January 21

Thanks ladies. I think it was just a 24 hour bug because I'm feeling fine today. The vomiting/diahhrea subsided by about 2 yesterday, but I had a slight fever (100.5) and the aches for the remainder of the day. I was able to get more fluids down and even some crackers and chicken noodle soup. I slept very well last night. No fever and I feel good today. Baby is still moving great too, so I'm hoping she came through unscathed. I have a doctor appt tomorrow morning and a NST (I get them twice a week anyways). Thanks for your responses. :)



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