Stomach Getting Hard

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1Sttimemomy - June 21

ok i am 29 weeks and every now and then my stomach gets hard as a rock it doesn't hurt it is just really uncomfortable has anyone else had this happen to them from about 26 week and when will it stop and i know it is probably bh contractions was anyone else uncomfortable with this........


livdea - June 21

Braxton Hicks my dear...and they wont stop until after you have your baby! I get them all day long...I'm now 37 weeks...I started getting them before 26 weeks and they were never painful, though now they are getting crampy. some times they can be a little uncomfy but they are normal and they help get your body ready for delivery! Just think...your body is "practicing" for the real deal!


1Sttimemomy - June 21

thank you livdea when are you due ?I am due sept.6,06.I can't wait to get this pregnancy over it is my first and i hate being pregnant i don't like feeling sick all the time i want my body back and my mind back i want to feel like myself again sorry for bit**ing .I am sure you didn't want to hear that but that is my pregnancy hormones for you.I hope your pregnancy is going well .do you know what you are having?hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy,labor,and baby.good luck!!!


livdea - June 22

hey! Well I'm due July 12th but dr is thinking a bit earlier...we'll see, I'll probably go over due! I'm really excited about having my Girly...yes a girl! but I'm not quite ready for her to come out! I still have so much to do and at the same time I'm SO excited. Sounds like you've had a rough pregnancy. I hate to say it but I haven't had a thing go wrong. Okay okay the worst has been acne, I've gotten horrible acne but other morning sickness, no real uncomfiness, no swelling, minor moodiness. But please, B___h away! I don't care!!! I was freaking out...let me rephrase that FREAKING OUT about not finding the right color bumper was a two month journey! finally someone on the forum found them for me!! LOL...I was freaking. Its hard having your body change huh? I had the hardest time with that. I still do but I've started to just strip down in front of the mirror and look at myself and you know what? I'm d__n s_xy! lol! Gotta be positive about it, right? I remember being around 30 weeks, really finally starting to show, a lot more. nothing fit right, felt ugh. Well, it only gets worse so embrace it as much as you can!! Take care of yourself, stay well hydrated and smile lots!!! It'll only help! oh oh and shoot for September 3rd! Thats my birthday! Don't you hate it when people say that? GRR...but I couldn't resist! Good luck!



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