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scaryed - December 26

My stomach is like been hurting really bad. Some times its like contractions other times its like just sharp cramping feelings is that right. Has this happened to anyone before please let me know what to do. Could it be cause of stress I got a lot of that cause me and boyfriend fight all the time. So please let me know thanks.


mari - December 27

my stomach hurts too, i have no idea if they are contractions cuz i heard contractions are much stronger, i really dont know how to explain the pain but its all around my stomach sometimes, and i have a dull pain in my lower back and the sides of my stomach too,, im 38 weeks pregnant, how far along r u?


scaryed - December 27

they keep changing it on me i will know a little bit better tomm i am due anyday from what the ob says.


... - December 27

Is the pain lasting for about 30 seconds to aminute, or is it constant? I've had constant pain off and on over the past week, I went in and it turned out to be a little stomach virus, it was very painful at times though and worried me, maybe that could be what you are experiencing, then again I'm just 35 weeks, so maybe you are in labor if your that close.


mari - December 27

well now im getting lower back pain that goes to the middle of my back it feels kind of stingy, but not painful, its light pain, i dont know, i dont know about these things, but my stomach pain is constant, well i have a docs appt tomorrow, ima ask him. maybe it might be a little stomach virus cuz i dont think im having contractions.


scaryed - December 27

i am not really sick or got a virus sometimes the pain last about 30 if not a little longer they get so closes together it worryes me but the dr said i am having problems dailing.


deeann - January 18

well i ahve 2little girls of my own it depends on how far you are in the pregancy . my oldest was 1 week early and i did not have one contraction with her now my 2nd baby it felt like i was really sick and weak and my back hurt it just depends on your body and the baby good luck


Alexandria - February 18

I am also feelin that same pain.. It only stops when I lie down. Do you guys think it could be serious? I'm 24 weeks this saturday


c - February 18

im 40 weeks and 1 day now. my stomach has been feeling crampy for 4 days now. i get backpain every once in a while and feel nautious. the other morning i could have sworn i was in labor. i went to the doc. and wasn't even dialated!!! this sucks. im ready to get this baby out!


roxanne - April 4

i have cramps.....but it lasted 2 minuts upper stomach sharp cramping feelings.....19 weeks.....pregnant..........


Lori - August 21

I have been having lower pain on my left side of stomach, in one spot and it a continue pain like something heavy in there,is it my liver or kidneys


K - September 13

I have this doc says it's round ligament pain but I'm not so sure. I am 36 weeks pregnant & they say this round ligament thing is usually in the 2nd trimester, so I'm not sure that they're right. Mine is always in the exact same spot on my right side. But I think overall it's ok. Pregnancy is a lot of stress on your body, & I think this may just be another "discomfort of pregnancy". Good luck!


shanice - March 13

i am in of my pregancy 15 weeks and have pain in stomach and in my lower back and higher back basically



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