Stomache Measurement Off By 1week PLS HLP

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confused - April 26

Hello to all, i just went to the doctor on thursday and i was going into my 35th week of pregnancy. The doctor measured my stomache and it measured as me going into my 36th week. Does that mean the my little girl can be coming a week earlier. But almost 3 weeks b4 that i got an ultrasound and it put me behind what i was suppose to be by a week. I know about how the ultrasound can be off i am just confused. PLS HLP


EM - April 26

You could have been retaining more water the day they did the measurements which would make your stomach bigger. I don't think this is a very good predictor of when you will deliver as there is a range the doctors work in for size of stomach. Hope this helps.


Amanda N - April 26

Mine always measured a little more than what I was. I wouldn't use it as a way to tell when you will deliver. I am very short waisted so doc said that is why I measure more than "normal".


Jill - April 26

1 cm off isnt a big deal its just a cm. I'm due today and should measure 40 cm but I am 34 cm and the dr says the baby is big


mandy~ - April 26

same thing happened to me, i was messured at 21wks and they said i was a couple of cm longer than i should be, i just a__sumed my baby is going to be huge lol


Jenn... - April 27

I went to my 35 week check up yesterday and I was measuring 38!!! I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and the baby was just right for size and each week before I have always measured right on with the week. The doctor said not to worry about it, the baby probably just had his little b___t sticking up in the air which would cause the uterus to elongate. So I think you should not worry. Best wishes!


erika - July 18

im 28 weeks and i think my stomache is smaller than what it should be..i know every pregnancy is different but how can i tell besides an ultrasound...are there standard measurements to go by?


Jbear - July 18

Erika, your doctor is probably measuring your fundal height at each visit. You can measure it at home. Lie on your back and feel for the top of your uterus. It feels like a muscular ridge somewhere above your belly b___ton. Take a tape measure and measure from the top of your pubic bone to where you feel your uterus. It should be 1cm for every week of pregnancy.


Tammy - December 9

Hi I am 29 weeks pregnant and when the doctor does the measuring I'm at 33 weeks.Does that mean the baby will be here sooner.Since I been pregnant it has been at least 3 weeks more than what it should be and I think they are wrong anyway's on due date.Thank you


terri - December 10

i was told by ob that the measurement of the stomach for fetal height was just an estimate and that is should be the same cm for the amount of weeks that you are. but mine has always been about two cms more than what it should be if it was an exact measurement of the weeks of pregnancy. i mean at this point in my pregnancy i would love for the pregnancy to be farther along than what it says...can;t wait for little one to be here and ultrasounds are usually quite accuate..they measure the size of the baby to determine how far along you are from what i am reading on some internet sites... my ultrasound was off only by 3 days.


to all still concerned - December 11

An ultrasound done in the first trimester is the best determinant of you "estimated" due date. After the first trimester, babies develop at different rates (just like after they are born). When they measure you, the main thing that the doctors are looking for, is that the baby is still developing and growing, meaning fundal size should be increasing. The doctor looks for you to measure 2 cm plus or minus from your # of weeks. If you measure big, and continue to measure big, most doctors don't worry unless you have another reason for concern, such as gestational diabetes, ect that could cause a large baby. Some people measure large due to their own genetics, second or more pregnancy, or a larger or faster developing baby. Very seldom does a doctor change a due date b/c of these measurements. If the doctor was very concerned about the measurement, they would repeat an ultrasound. For example, with my first I always measured right on for my due date, and now at 28 weeks I measured 30 weeks, and at 32 I measured 36 weeks. I know for a fact that I am not going to have this baby this year!!! HEHE (unless there is some freak accident that causes me to deliver a premie.)


rl - December 11

my doctors has measured me one time so far...I am 32wks now but I have had several sonos as they have a sono like in every exam room there so I guess they have been checking that way


MJM - December 11

The measurements can be high or low by up to 2 cm. Dont worry



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