Stories Of Being Induced

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1Sttimemomy - August 14

i would like to know what are the good and bad side effects of being induced at 39 weeks or anytime during pregnancy .i get different responces when i tell people i am getting induced at 39 wks .the reason is the doc. says the baby is very healthy and i am miserable so might as well do it.but some people look at me like i am awful when i tell them this or they think something is wrong with the baby and the doc. isn't telling me he has to tell me right.????


everthiki - August 14

Off course he has to tell you. I'm sure your dr. is just open minded about the whole thing and flexible to your needs. Don't think many dr.s would induce unless there was a medical reason. Have you asked him? At 39 weeks you usually are pretty much safe, cuz the baby is fully developed. I personally have a different school of thought and am willing to wait it out even though i'm due this friday and know that the baby is over 9 lbs. yikes! I just want him to be healthy and come when he is ready unless medically necessary to induce. I haven't been told anything yet , but I have an appt. in 2 days. we'll see! goodluck ! I'm sure you would've already discussed any problems with the doc if there were any.


Patti - August 15

I was induced twice. The first because my water broke, but contractions never came. That was awful. I didn't elect to get an epidural right away because it didn't hurt. When it got horrible they didn't get my epi for 1hr. 15 min which is forever when your contractions are less than 2 minutes apart and pitocin induced. Once I had the epi, it was fine and it went really fast. The second induction, 3rd birth, was because I tend to go fast once I reach 4-5 centimeters. The guildlines state you should be no more than 39 weeks unless it's medically necessary, according to my Drs. Anyway, I started contractions on the day I was to be induced and was almost 8cm when I got to the hospital. The Dr. asked if I wanted an epi before he broke my water, and I did. I wished I didn't in hind sight because I would have delivered really fast. The epi stopped my labor and then I had to get induced again. Of course it took like 40 min. after they started the induction. Anyway, my Dr. if offering the same thing if I want at 39 weeks because we're healthy and my cervix is "ripe." I'd like to go on my own, but I'm pretty miserable right now. I haven't decided this time. Do what you feel is best for you and don't worry about everyone else. I don't think your Dr. would suggest induction unless your cervix was ready and he felt you and baby were ready. Aside from the epi taking too long the one time, it was fine getting induced. Some people are opposed to it and that's fine. Everyone is different. But, don't feel a bit guilty if you go for the induction. Induced or not, epidural or natural does not make or break your ability to be a great mother!


charliepaulchloe - August 15

i was induced at 39 weeks with my daughter because of IUGR i had no problems other than terrible backache due to the position of baby (she came out facing up) we were back to back. the drs said i could wait another week but i was anxious to get her out and i knew she was ready to be here as there was only 5 days til due date she was born after 6 1/2 hrs labour a healthy 6lb 2oz. if i had the choice and nit was necessary i would have another induction, unfortunately i may need a c-section with this one due to a low lying placenta am due in 10 weeks but may have her in 7-8 wks as here in uk they take u in early for sections, cant wait i am so ready for her to be here. think about babies that come early on their own and everything is fine with them so few days early will do ur baby no harm. good luck xxx


HannahBaby - August 15

I was induced at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia. I had 2 cervidils and they did nothing but waste time. Then i had not going to bore you with my long story, so long story short i have already informed my doctor if i need to be induced i want a c-section NOT pitocin. Induction is focing mother nature to do something that its not ready to do....often theres a reason why you dont go into labor.....your body isnt ready yet. If you arent having any problems besides being miserable, i would hold out and wait until you go into labor naturally.


nik - August 15

I am 36 weeks right now, and last appt, I was also given the option by my dr to be induced at 39 weeks if I wanted to. I was so excited to hear that, Im definately going to take him up on the offer. People also say things to me and act like im horrible for doing this. I really dont care though, they arent the ones with a huge kid in their stomach. Im getting very uncomfortable and Im ready to be done with pregnancy. Ive heard that getting induced makes labor worse, but right now Id be willing to go through any amount of pain to not have to be pregnant any more.


mcatherine - August 15

I think my doctor may want to discuss inducing me tomorrow - I'll be 37 weeks (same due date of 9/6), but I have b___st mast_tis (it is horribly painful) and the infection has began coming from my nipple. Also, at my 35 week appointment my fundal height was 36cm and last Friday it was 43cm - with a 5 pound weight gain. I had an AFI test yesterday and my fluid had increased from 14cm in week 35 to 21cm - even though the fluid should be decreasing. I guess what I'm getting at is that I am miserable, too and at this point may be willing to give up my dream of going into labor naturally. See, every little thing that has happened has been discussed with both of my doctors and a midwife - so I can't imagine that something may be wrong and they just plan to induce rather than tell you. Some doctors are open-minded about induction, some aren't. Everyone is different. Hannahbaby opts for a c-section over induction and I am possibly choosing induction at 37 weeks to avoid the possibility of a c-section (which scares me to death!). I was told yesterday that at 37 weeks, i would be considered full term and that it may be safer to get the baby here before the fluid could cause cord problems. I was induced with my first son and I really wanted to go in to labor in the middle of the night and rush to the hospital, but sometimes things don't happen the way we plan!


1Sttimemomy - August 15

thank you ladies for all your information i really like hearing other people life stories to know what i am in for


1Sttimemomy - August 15

mcathrine i am sorry to hear about your situation i haven't talked to you in awhile we are due the same day i know what you are saying about the c-section i DO NOT want a c-s keep me updated on how things are going with you i will be praying for you and your baby i am sure everything will get better.i can't wait to here your birth to you soon!


charliepaulchloe - August 15

the thought of a section terrifies me, ihave gone through both scenarios in my head 1) do i get knocked out completely and not see my baby for however long or 2) do i have epidural and know that behind that curtain my belly is getting cut open???????? i cant understand those that would opt for a section if induction was possible. in my case im not sure what will be happening just yet but im still getting scared


mcatherine - August 15

Hey 1sttime - how are you? Yea, I have been pretty miserable these past few weeks, but I've tried not to complain seeing as how all of us are really miserable at this point! I am dilated to 2cm, 50% effaced and having a lot of pressure, so I keep hoping Hudson will cooperate and just go ahead and make his apperance and keep all of us from having to make these decisions. The infection in my chest has been aggrivated by milk production and they told me last Thursday there is no way I can b___stfeed. I hate to take the pain meds they give me, so I just lay around all day with a heating pad on my b___b hoping this baby comes before my nipple pops! The fluid has me pretty worried as it puts me at risk for cord accidents, cord prolapse and placental abruption - and obviously to avoid all of those things they would want to do a c-section rather than have my water break outside of the hospital if my fluid hits 25cm. I'm sorry to hear you're so miserable - I know it must be hot and awfully humid and sticky where you are. I wouldn'y worry about what others think about you being induced - only your doctor. Atleast you're not doing it to avoid stretch marks or so you can have the baby on someone's birthday or somethinglike that!! And who knows, really...maybe you'll have the baby next week!


sahmof3 - August 15

I was induced at 42 weeks with my first. I had scarring of the cervix and can't dilate, BUT didn't know it at the time, so my experience with induction was VERY painful (and, also, unlikely to happen to most people- don't want to scare you too much!). I had what felt like one huge never-ending ctxn for hours, not knowing that 1) I was never going to dilate and 2) that the baby that the ctxns were trying to force out of my not-open cervix was 9 lbs. 5 oz. with a 14" head circ_mference. My labor was 24 hours and eventually there was meconium in my broken water and baby's heartbeat was erratic, so I had a c-section, as well as induction! If I wouldn't have been so tired, I'd have been terrified. But, since then, I found out about my scarring problem and had two scheduled C's. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but it wasn't too bad. Good luck to you:)


1Sttimemomy - August 15

mcatherine i am doing fine getting ind. on aug 30, hopefully the baby comes at 38 wks so i won't have to be induced .i have never been so happy and nervous all at the same time. I feel so bad for your situation it should be over soon and you will have your little hudson i your arms looking up at you with thoose loving are making progress with dil. and eff. so maybe he will make his apperance on his own .i am soory to hear that you can't b___st feed did you want to or did you just want the option to ?Did you get any anti biotics to help clear it up?i will keep you posted and pray for you and your little one .keep in touch talk to you tom.


mcatherine - August 15

Hey 1sttime - They already set your date for induction? Your doc muct be really sympathetic to your misery, huh? Well, I will be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well with your induction. Hard to believe that we have been going through this for so long and it's almost over! I have no idea when this baby is coming and I drive myself crazy just thinking about it! I did want to b___stfeed - or atleast try, but I always kept it in the back of my head that there was a chance I wouldn't be able to. I have had the mast_tis for almost a year and a half now - surgery three times to remove tissue, but nothing seemed to make it better. I lucked out during this pregnancy and it seemed to clam down - atleast until the past few weeks - ugh! I have been on Keflex for 14 days now. They don't want me to take too much, but once I stop, the infection just goes crazy!! We'll see what the doc says tomorrow. Like I said, I am more worried about the fluid levels and breaking my water at home. They have me going in twice a week now, so I'm thinking at this point he's no longer going to suggest induction, but push for it. I really don't want a c-section! I'll let you know how it goes tomrrow!


HannahBaby - August 16

1sttimemommy----stop talking like you are being FORCED to be induced. Its totally 100% up to you and i think that your doctor is nuts for offering you induction because you are miserable...It just makes me sad that something that was created for women that MUST be induced (such as myself for preeclampsia) is being abused because some women are "uncomfortable" Pitocin is the most painful type of labor as its forcing your body to do something that it doesnt want to do. Most doctors wont allow you to go more than a week overdue so why cant you be miserable for 2 more weeks and see if you go into labor on your own??


nik - August 16

wow Hannah baby! You dont have to come on so strong. I know this site is here for everyone to give opinions and share stories, but you dont have to be so crabby towards her. I take offence to what you had to say, you seem to think that in choosing to be induced you are less of a woman. I say if your doctor allows it, and feels comfortable doing it, then its just fine. The doctor isnt going to allow you to do anything that would harm the baby.


HannahBaby - August 16

That bull c___p the doctor can never tell how a baby will react to Pitocin. My daughter didnt react well, her heart rate dropped into the 60s and i was minutes away from an emergency c-section when the pitocin was turned off and her heart rate went back to normal.....Dont tell me that the doc woudlent recommend anything dangerous when they can never tell how a mother/baby will respond to pitocin. I think its unnatural and ridiculous that some women are given the option to be induced because they are uncomfortable. I was induced because of preeclampsia, i had no choice. My babies life was in jeopardy either way and i am so greatful that everything worked out fine. I will have a csection before i let them give me pitocin again. (for anyone who cares my blood pressure has been very low so im hoping it stays that way)



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