Strange Baby Movements Is This Normal

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m - March 17

I am 28 weeks, and I have noticed that sometimes my baby moves in a way that almost feels like a heavy vibration more than a kick or a roll. Does anyone else ever feel this? I don't remember feeling this with my other 2, so it is making me wonder. I don't know if baby's can have seizures inside the womb, but that's what I would compare it to. Does this sound familar to anyone?


Cabbie - March 17

I am starting my 28th week as well and I have these also. Its funny you should mention seizure because that was my first thought as well. I don't remember this with my other two either, but I am so much more in tune with what's going on this time around after three miscarriages! Sounds like if we both have it it is probably okay.


sarah14300 - March 17

it could be hiccups which feel like jerking movements inside you


m - March 17

Cabbie, so good to know I'm not alone! Thanks so much! Sarah, thanks also. This is more of a quick jerk than a rhythmic jerk. So I guess if it's hiccups, they are really fast ones. :o) Thanks again ladies!


Karen S - March 17

Im so glad there are others. I get these movements all the time and I thought the same thing, Seizures. I hate it when my little guy moves like that cause then I start to worry. Im glad it's just not me feeling this way. I always forget to ask my doctor what they are but I have an appt. next friday and I will ask then. If anyone see's their doctor before then, ask them and please let me know.


Ca__sieSong - March 17

I never felt those kind of movements, but I've heard of plenty of other moms to be having those same feelings (seizure like movements). I think it is normal.


Jilloh - March 17

Yes all too familiar


m - March 17

I am feeling better by the minute about his! I am so proud to hear others say they experience this. I am already worrying tons less! Like Karen S said, if anyone asks their doctor, please post what he/she says. My next appointment isn't until the 28th. Thanks ladies! :o)


Fatima - March 18

I have that too but i never really worried. I just thought it was the baby jumping or something. LOL


krista-lee - March 18

wow, atleast i know someone else feels the same! i had to ask my doctor because he felt like my baby was having convultions inside my stomach! the doctor said its fine, they just move around alot more because they're running out of room, im 30 weeks btw : )


Daytona - March 21

Im 37 weeks..and my baby always gets the hiccups..i feel sorry for


Amy_mommy - April 6

i'm soooooooooooo glad i'm not the only one! yes, sometimes the movements in my baby is so qwierd that it's comparable to a siezure movement! it's not rolling or kicking but like siezure


Leanne_ - April 6

I'm almost 34 weeks and have noticed in the past few weeks that baby's movements have changed so much. They used to be noticeable kicks, now I just feel elbows and knees nudging me. Guess there isn't much room anymore.


Jamie - April 7

I did ask my doctor about it (while I was still pregnant!), and it actually happened during an ultrasound - it's hiccups, and the doctor told me that it's a good sign that their nervous system is developing well.



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