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Ivan Tam - February 22

My wife and I just had a miscarriage, and are debating whether to do the D&C procedure or just let nature take its course. Although our doctor says a D&C is safe, we can't help but to wonder because a friend of ours had it done which caused complications in her subsequent pregnancy. Also, a doctor friend of ours also had a miscarriage and chose to do it naturally for the very same fear that it might cause problems in the future. So we were wondering if we can get some feedback from people who've gone through a D&C procedure in the past, are pregnant now, and whether or not they're having complications in their current pregnancies because of the procedure. Thanks in advance!


MAT - February 22

First, let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I went through it last year. We chose to have the D&C from a doctor that we trusted. She said that there are cases when you have to do the D&C after waiting for the miscarriage to be complete. She also said that is what she would choose in that situation. I heard that people tend to have more problems after multiple D&Cs. (A good question for your dr.) We did the D&C - I found it equivalent to getting an exam...a bit crampy but not too bad. We had to wait for one regular cycle before trying again. We are now expecting our first child in a little over a month! I have had some issues this pregnancy, but not related to the procedure.I have had no complications due to the D&C - we got pregnant quickly. To be honest, the reasons we did the D&C were to have it over emotionally and to be able to start trying more quickly.


Kar - February 22

Sorry to hear of your loss, I had a D&C exactly one year ago this April and am now due this March actually in three weeks from now. Had no problems getting pregnant again nor and complications with or from the D&C. The procedure was fast and with a easy recovery. Best of luck!!


missycc4 - February 22

I had a miscarriage back in 1993. I had a D&E. A D&E is a vacc_m rather then doing a D&C which I do believe is sc___ping.


sahmof3 - February 22

I miscarried with my first pregnancy. We got pregnant again within a few months and I had no complications with the pregnancy, but during delivery I never got past 1/2 cm dilated and ended up having a c-section. I found out in my next pregnancy (via ultrasound) that I have scarring of the cervix from my D&C and can't dilate past that 1/2 cm, so I just scheduled another c-section... and, of course, my 3rd was also a scheduled c-section. BUT, that is a very rare complication. I am glad that I had the D&C, though, because when I found out about the m/c I was supposed to be 10 weeks along, but the baby only measured 7 (at 6 weeks the baby had been alive AND measured 6 weeks, so it wasn't a problem with the dating of the pregnancy)... so the baby had died 3 weeks earlier and I had only experienced a little spotting and my body wasn't properly expelling it (it's called a missed miscarriage). This is something you may want to discuss with your doctor... how long should you wait? If you wait a few days to a week and nothing happens you may want to consider the D&C because the longer it goes without expelling the baby, the greater the risk of uterine infection. I'm sorry about your loss and I wish you lots of luck in any future pregnancies!


Ivan Tam - February 22

Thanks everyone for sharing and your words of support. This really helps in making our decision.


Danielle19 - February 23

I had a d&c when i was around 13 weeks, and it wasn't as bad as i expected and i got pregnant 6 weeks after the procedure and my son is now 8 months healthy and i had a great pregnancy, i would go for the d&c if you plan on trying again right away, letting nature take it course can take longer and some tissue can still be left behind if you go natural, which can cause problems, also i didn't even wait for a period after the d&c i just starting trying agiain and it happened right away..good luck


chriss - February 23

I am so sorry for your loss, I truly do sympathize with what you are going through. I had a miscarriage for my first pregnancy at almost 12 wks and I was fortunate enough that nature did take its course and I didn't require a D&C, but it ended up taking my husband and I another year to conceive again, so it was almost two years of "trying" before we were finally successfull. I am now almost 38 wks and have had the most fantastic pregnancy that any women could ask for, no problems at all, no morning sickness, very few aches and pains etc, I expect to have a natural childbirth, but then baby will make that decision in the end I think. I wish you and your wife tons of luck!!


lqtoo - February 23

I had a D&C in February 2006, after I found out at my 12 week ultrasound that the baby had died at around 8 weeks. My body was not expelling the baby naturally though, so I opted for a D&C to clear everything out, but also so that emotionally, I could officially "end" the pregnancy and start trying again. Emotionally, I truly felt it was the best decision I could have made...I would have been devastated just waiting for things to occur on their own.


jessica72 - February 23

Ivan, we had a missed miscarriage and opted for the D&C. Like many ladies on this post, it wasn't at all bad and I got my period exactly a month later. We waited 3 mos. to really try again, just to give myself time to heal and let the uterine lining build up, though I've heard this isn't even necessary. WE are now in week 30 and all couldn't be going better. Sure there are risks as with any surgery, but D&C's are so commonly performed it's practically fool proof. Hugs to you and wife. Baby Dust!


MJM - February 25

I had a miscarriage about 4 yrs ago. I DID have the D&C. My youngest son is now 14 months old. It will take a lot of misery away if so does do the D&C. It of course is not the most comfortable thing to do, but I would have done everything the same. To make it easier for her I would say do the D&C.



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