Strech Marks Question

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Maria - March 14

I am pregnant with my second child. With my first I never got any strech marks. I am 24yrs old, summer is right around the corner. With this baby I have strech marks. But I would like to be able to wear a 2peice again. Is there anything that anyone can recommend to either get rid of them all together or just reduce how bad these dark ugly things look?


Romi - March 14

The dark lines will go away after a bit of time. My first preg. I had them they were alwful they looked like flames of fire. Then they became white not red. Now with my 2nd preg I got them above my belly botton and they are red again. I guess my skin does not strech very well.


jane - March 14

just a what point in your pregnancies did you guys start getting the stretch marks?


Chan - March 14

I'm not sure how to get rid of them once you already have them??? With my first son I didn't get any stretch marks until the last month and I got them on my b___bs, b___t, and a couple on my hips. I didn't get any on my stomach. I was happy for that. Now I am 28 1/2 weeks pregnant and haven't gotten any new stretch marks yet. But I always use Palmers stretch mark cream. With my first pregnancy I went through 8 bottles, and so far with this pregnancy I have gone through 2.


Chan - March 14

Sorry one more thing: Everyone is so different. My sister-in-law gained 60 pounds with her baby and didn't get ANY stretch marks. Before she was pregnant so weighed about 120. I don't know how that is possible. Everyone's body is just so different.


N - March 14

They do fade, however it depends on your skin tone. I'm very fair and mine turned a greyish color after my first baby. I think It depends how wide they are too. I have some that are thin, those are more silvery now, but the wider ones are beginning to get red again with this pregnancy. I really thought I was home free with my first since I didn't get a single stretch mark until my 37th week!


julieB - March 15

I am 40 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I started to get stretch marks around 29 weeks or so.. I could not believe when I first seen them. It was small red what looked like veins running down my hips. It did not take long for them to spread to my lower belly and now above my belly b___tom.. I tried everything.. cocoa b___ter, lotions , creams , oils, and even wrinkle cream.. desperate.. now I just have to live with it.. good luck ladies with your pregnancies..


firsttimemommy - March 15

I beg to differ i am african american pg for the first time and i got stretch marks about 5 or 6 months,they looked like bruises and they are high up,i use palmers coco b___ter cream for pg women i got it from walmart, I walked up to my hubby and asked what looked different and he said your strech marks are fading,it works for me,i put it on 2wice a day as recommended and they are very light now almost disappearing.


Rhonda - March 15

I agree with you firsttimemommy, I used the same thing, I am also using a moisterizing body wash, my favorite is olay ribbons.


Ca__sieSong - March 16

As far as I know, the red color fades, but you never lose the actual stretch marks. You know, the grooves. I think the only two piece I'll ever wear again will be a tankini. No more bikinis for me! My dd is 3 mos old now and they are fading. Still have some jelly belly though. lol



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